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Building a Leading International Crypto News Media: A Guide by Alona FASA

Welcome to a unique journey of growing a leading company in the hectic world of cryptocurrency from scratch. As the co-founder of Ban Krypton, today, I, Alona FASA, will walk you through the steps, challenges, and achievements of our journey in which we inspire, motivate, and support an international team of 120 crypto enthusiasts around the globe. Together, we strive to simplify the cryptocurrency sector and provide objective, fact-checked news articles in ten languages.

Launching a Start-Up: A Simple Guide

Launching a start-up in the field of cryptocurrency or any other field can feel like a daunting task. But with passion, dedication, meticulous research, and taking the following steps, you can easily turn your dream into reality:

  1. Start with a Dream: Your passion is the fuel that powers your start-up. It makes you jump out of bed every morning, eager to work and gets you through the times when things get tough.
  2. Establish a Benchmark: Identify your North star - the guiding principle that will lead you on your path and help you stay true to your original vision.
  3. Find Your Niche: In the saturated world of start-ups, you need to find the unique aspect that sets you apart. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the distinctive benefit that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Introducing Ban Krypton: A Benchmark in Crypto News Media

Ban Krypton is a leading cryptocurrency media outlet that started as a project aiming at restoring transparency and integrity to the cryptocurrency industry, cluttered with scams and tainted by false information. Within 2.5 years, we have achieved over 6 million monthly views, 3 million new monthly users, and 100,000 subscribers on social media, marking our presence among the top five cryptocurrency news media worldwide.

In 2021, we celebrated the milestone of reaching 35 million unique users, a significant leap from just 80,000 in 2018.

A Decentralized Team for a Decentralized Industry

Being part of the blockchain industry, it was logical for us to build a decentralized environment for our team. Despite starting pre-pandemic, Ban Krypton embraced remote work from day one, which proved immensely beneficial during the global lockdowns.

We utilized collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, and Miro, and regularly brainstorm ideas for our projects. We also paid special attention to fostering our corporate culture, including celebrating team members' birthdays with personalized merch, having random coffee chats to discuss anything but work, and sharing our favorite music to enhance productivity.

Introducing New Professions: Decoding Blockchain Careers

As the blockchain technology is continually evolving, it's introducing a variety of new professions to the world. In addition to developers and product managers, there is a rising demand for digital art galleries, DeFi analysts, and NFT-based marketing managers.

To cater to this need for blockchain education, we launched the "Ban Krypton Academy" to offer free courses for newcomers in the industry. Collaborating with educational institutions, we are working tirelessly to enhance and simplify blockchain education.

Parting Thoughts

Blockchain is a powerful piece of technology that has the potential to change the world. By enabling technology, education, and career opportunities within this sphere, we aim to utilize blockchain to bring a positive change to the world.

We are Ban Krypton, and this is our story, are you in?

Video Transcription

Hi there. I hope you hear me? Well, nice to meet you here. Uh I'm Alona FASA, the co and the co-founder of Ban Krypton, uh the leading Crypton news media. And today I'm gonna tell you how to build a leading international Crypton news media.So let's start every day. I manage to support, to motivate and inspire 120 people from more than 20 countries around the world. They are my team and my family. Every day, we produce more than 100 editorial pieces in 10 languages. Every day. We empower and speed up mass adoption of Blockchain technology. Today you will learn how it all started and what it takes to build a stellar team of crypto enthusiasts. So let's start what you're gonna get. You're gonna get a simple guide on how to launch a start up. Are you gonna learn about how to build a decentralized company environment? You're gonna discover new professions in the Blockchain sector and what's the most important you're gonna get inspired? I promise you. So let's start with a simple guide. Always start with the dream. Yeah, I know.

It might sound, sound too general

and too

unrealistic. But this is the only place where your passion meets your work life to inspire hundreds of people. You need to start with inspiring yourself. Then second, then you will need to find a benchmark. When I say benchmark, I mean that you need your North, start to guide you through your journey. When you think about your No star, ask yourself, what's the purpose of building something that we already have? Uh You need to find your niche. Uh You need to find the pain, you will ease. So this is the third step. Think of your US P how are you going to be different? And in which way, once you complete the first three steps, all the rest is much easier. You know where you wanna go and you know what you wanna reach. So you just need to research the environment and decide who you need to hire from the start. OK? I know there are too many birds. So let me show it to you using the example of the crypto. Uh First of all, let me introduce my project to you. Being crypto is a crypto media with 2.5 year history and we have already achieved 6 million monthly page views and 3 million new monthly users and three thou 100,000 subscribers on social media.

And moreover,

we are among the top five Krypton news media outlets in the world. Outperforming lots of competitors with a much longer history. Uh In 2021 we reached a significant milestone on our journey by hitting 35 million of unique users.

Uh Just for example, in 2018, the number was just 80,000.

So let's dig deeper into it. We started as a project that aimed at injecting transparency into

the crypto industry, exhausted and uh distorted by the IC O hive. There were too many scums out there and many news media platforms were happy and comfortable selling any project for money. The whole beauty of Blockchain uh concept became lost in the market noise. It was 2018 and I was fascinated by the new technology. But at the same time, frustrated by the environment, I knew the news outlets that were already visible at the time. So what I needed to do

was just proper

research and the solid business plan also, I needed to attract the best teammates. So first of all, I found the benchmark here. You basically can see a screenshot of my very first research document on the topic. Of course, it was a big one and very detailed one, but this is a glimpse of something that I did uh uh t uh already three years ago. Then I found the US P uh the idea was already floating around. Everybody was looking for a place to get a transfer, the information about cryptography and Blockchain technology. We even uh didn't have any advertising during the first half of the year. So as not to ruin the reputation of the community because nobody trusted nowhere. Uh And then uh I started to look for my dream team. I checked the competitive environment using linkedin and other job and professional network sites. I tried to find an advisor with knowledge in the business, but I failed actually. So I did it all uh with my team and also use similar wrap to learn the most important points to focus on. Then the first name for the company I chose chose was the block one you can see in the screen right now. Uh how it looked the logo of the company. The first three guys I hired uh so we even got a domain and the logo was ready to go.

However, Daniel Paul, one of my first teammates and team members precluded me from making one of the biggest mistakes because there was a big competitor with a similar name and we would spend too much effort to compete for organic traffic with it. At the time, we were happy to get any recognition at first. Uh even re tweets from crypto influencers made us so excited you can see on the screenshot. Uh One of the retweets we were, we were happy about so, but now of course, we have hundreds of red tweets uh on a monthly basis and millions of users that look to being crypto for the most up to date news in Cryptocurrency space. But back then. It was so different. So in August 2018, there were, were only four of us uh myself and three guys you see on the screen, head of the seo head of social media and an editor in chief. No marketing, no writers, no community managers, no product department. Yeah, a lot has changed in that time. And now we have uh 120 employees from all over the world. Um I guess more than 20 countries than 40% of them are women. You would be surprised because everybody says that Blockchain industry is too dominated by men. That's not true in our case. So our experienced and highly qualified journalists come from a variety of professional backgrounds but are united by a shared interest in distributed ledger technology, decentralization, privacy and the role these technologies will play in our future society.

So where do people read being crypto? You can see that most of them are in Americas, uh Europe and Asia. But we also have 2% of our readers in Africa. And right now, we are trusted by these great great brand and we keep bringing more and more great partnerships every coming day. Moreover, this is something that I'm really proud of. We are the first Crypton news media to adopt globally recognized trust indicators. We are the part of the trust project. The trust project is a nonprofit collaboration between top


publications created to fight false information. We care about fact checking, more than 120 news sites worldwide joined this initiative. And I imagine one of which are BBC, the Washington Post, the Economists El Mundo mirror and be crypto. So that's uh how it all started. You learn about, you learned about uh being, being

crypto history a little bit. And

now I will tell you more about the way we've built our team and how to make the most out of decentralized environment. So, being decentralized from the very beginning, uh we had to build our own set of tools which started with the standard set of Slack and tr but have moved much farther. Uh Yeah, we started before pandemic times and uh just from the very beginning, we were decentralized, we didn't have headquarters. So uh once the lockdown came, we were perfectly ready for that. Uh Besides the regular channels on Slack, we have open spaces to chat about anything but work here on the screen. You can see the glimpse of our corporate culture. We have uh the random virtual coffee bot that randomly makes connections between channel members each week for a coffee.

The rule is to talk about anything except work. And we also have a big jukebox playlist where we share our favorite tones to create a special and productive atmosphere. Uh Of course, there is time to rest and time to work. We have mirror to set the perfect environment from brainstorming design, thinking and mind mapping. It gives the opportunity to interact in real time and to see your teammates to vote and to create excellent ideas uh to interact with each other. This is really great tool for that.

You actually can see uh in the screen uh the way we brainstormed uh regarding our third year anniversary, it was real fun and we also care about our corporate culture and team spirit for each teammate birthday. We prepare a special posters and CRE create personalized t-shirt designs to celebrate. You actually can see one of the latest posters from our teammates. And here you can see our special t-shirt design. I'm actually wearing one myself today. And yeah, there

are so many other things that happen inside our

Bryta family every day. And if you want to learn more, follow us on social media where we like to share the backstage of our international community. And by the way, we are constantly hiring, so don't hesitate to join us if you are interested. I actually shared the link uh inside the chat uh inside the chat. So check our linkedin. So uh we talked about our decentralized environment and corporate culture. And now it's time to talk about new trends and new professions that the Blockchain industry will bring to the world. OK?

A little bit of stats uh due to lockdowns, there is uh one mill 1 billion and a half audience turning to elearning, the elearning industry is projected to reach uh $337 billion and annual growth of uh learning management system market is 20%. Moreover, digital learning has grown by 9 900% since 2000. So what does it mean? It means that uh society is embracing this trend of elearning digital profession and new forms of educational content distribution. And we in being crypto are really fascinated by that trend. Uh given this huge variety of directions in which Blockchain technology is evolving. The we envision an ever growing demand, not only for developers and product managers, but also for digital art, art galleries, defi analysts, NFT based marketing managers and many others. That's why we actually launched our learn section and being Crypto Academy. You can see uh at the screen right now uh the uh landing page of our academy where you can get your courses for free. Uh Here, any newcomer can get simplified content to start the career in Blockchain. And we are actually uh partnering with uh a lot of universities who are going into this direction and investigating the field. Uh So uh my final words of wisdom, this is something I truly believe in Blockchain is changing the world. It will improve how we live, work, play and treat our planet.

No industries is immune, we may empower it with technology education and career opportunities to positively change the world. And this is what being crypto is actually doing right now. So my question to you are you in? Please share your reaction. Uh ask common, ask her questions, uh sharing modules, boom, words, feedback, everything is needed. Silence is banned and stay in touch. Uh Check our B crypto website that is now uh presented in 10 languages. You can connect me uh by email and also uh check the links I shared in the chat. Thank you so much and have a good day.