Dilruba Malik Own Your Dream

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Learning and Growing During the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted both positive and negative aspects of our lives. Surprisingly, it has made us realize the significant value of family time, work from home benefits, and various other privileges. Now let's focus on the positives and ensure that we remember do not fade away post-pandemic.

Motivation to Dream Big

Every individual dreams; for a better position, a better life, a better job, or becoming an entrepreneur. Today, we shall discuss how to believe in yourself, and manage challenges whilst fulfilling your dreams.

Believing in Yourself

  1. If you doubt your abilities, your performance will be impacted negatively, even leading potentially to failure.
  2. Believe in yourself, maintain an open mind, and never hesitate to ask for help when needed. Your mentor or champion will arrive from unexpected corners.
  3. Live in the present and have no regrets about the past. Keep moving forward as, ultimately, it's your life and you must decide how you want to live it. Embrace the future instead of lingering in the past.

Learn to Motivate Yourself

Motivation isn't a one-size-fits-all feature; what motivates you is unique to you. Identify which elements irritate you in your current job. Is it the boss, workload, meaningless responsibilities, or a time-consuming task? Once you pinpoint the issues, figuring out solutions will cinch much easier.

Set Your Goals and Act

Setting goals can be challenging, notably in identifying your passion. However, taking time to identify your drive will aid in setting realistic goals.

  1. Socialize your goals: Sharing your ambitions with others can provide new ideas, mentorship, and even direct or indirect help in achieving your target.
  2. Stay Positive: Life isn't always smooth sailing. Rather than panicking when met with obstacles, roll with the changes.

What Makes You Smile?

Identify what brings happiness to your life, as it is often the root of your desire. Do you love traveling? Being around children? Or perhaps owning a successful business?

Overcoming Fear

Fear can be a significant stumbling block in achieving your dreams. It's essential to face it, take calculated risks, and learn from failures.

The Journey is as Important as the Destination

Celebrating each milestone keeps you focused and boosts your self-motivation. By taking the time to congratulate yourself, you increase your self-esteem, making future motivators attainable.

Personal Story: A Journey from a Bangladeshi Village to Georgia Tech

Reflecting upon personal achievements can provide unique insights into the value of motivation and determination. Born in a small Bangladeshi village, overcoming numerous cultural and societal challenges, arriving in the US, and eventually pursuing an engineering degree at Georgia Tech - this journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of setting continuously higher goals.

In conclusion, do not delay in pursuing your dreams. Stay committed, persistent, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Remember, success is always within your reach. Pursue it.

Video Transcription

Thank you everyone uh for um joining my session. Hope. Um You all are safe during this pandemic. Um This pandemic has uh teach us many things, um some positive, some negative.So um we really uh I really feel that positive um things we should take uh take care of it. Um We should remember our positive changes. For example, we are having more family times, we are um um staying with uh our kids on top of their schedule and everything. So that's a lot of positive things and working from home is another uh privilege. So, um and I really want to thank uh thank to uh o tech networks and Anna for giving me this opportunity to speaking um in an amazing conference. So today, my topic is um uh on your dream, uh who doesn't um dream for a better position, better life or better job, perhaps dream, dream for uh being an entrepreneur, right? So, um today um I'm going over my uh presentation. So uh believe in yourself, right? Um It is OK to put yourself first, right? Have an open mind and ask for help, right? So, um if you don't think about yourself, no one else will, right?

So if you uh doubt that if your ability to achieve the success, um then you won't do your best, right? If uh you do not believe you can do it, then failure is guaranteed, right? So you have to have um open mind and believe in yourself. And if you need um help, just ask for it. Uh If you're stuck with someone, uh something, some problem, then you should ask for your um people around you. Someone will become your mentor or champion you or help you live in the present, right? So uh please have no regret. Don't think about what you did or didn't do in the past. Uh keep moving forward. It is your life. It's time to live your life the way you want to live it, right? Uh If you can constantly regret things, uh you did or didn't do uh in the past, you won't be able to move forward. So don't think about um what you haven't done uh in your past. Um You really want to do um is take a step and think about how can uh you plan for it and how you can do it, right, motivate yourself. So, um motivation is not one size fit, all right. Motivation is you have to have your um desire. Um And you have to make sure that you commit to your desire. Uh This equation might fit for someone and someone might be looking uh motivated by their performance, their outcome and how they become satisfied, right?

So um each person get motivated differently, someone get uh motivated um by compensation, someone get motivated by social causes, someone get motivated by helping others. You have to motivate yourself, you have to figure out um what upsets you uh and be specific about it, right?

You don't just tell that um you hate your job pinpoint what exactly um are the things you hate about your job, right? Could it be your boss? Could it be your workload? Um your meaningless responsibilities or uh time consuming uh task you have to do or all of the above uh could be true as well, right? What bothers you? How can you fix it? How can you um uh how much you want to fix it? Right? Set your goal, right? So after you know what motivates you, now you want to get something. So you have to set your goal. Sometimes it is very hard to figure out what you want and um identify what um you are passionate about, right? In order to, to set your goal, you need to understand what you really want. The first step uh uh to living a fulfilling life is to think about what you are passionate about, right? You need to identify that. Um What drives you, right? What makes you happy, socialize your goal, right? When you have identified what you are passionate about what you want to do. Uh don't keep your goal to yourself, socialize it, voice it, um, and uh learn from constructive feedback, right? Don't, uh, don't think that, oh, if I fail what others will think. Right. So, don't keep your goal to yourself, voice it out.

If you, uh tell people what you are trying to accomplish, um, they will most likely support you, give you new ideas, mentor you and uh help you reach your goal directly or indirectly, right? Be positive. Life doesn't always go how you want it, right? You have to take control. Don't panic, try your best to roll with uh the challenge uh changes, right? So we don't, we are not the master planner that we plan our life the way it's supposed to go and it should follow the schedule, right? So don't feel sad when it doesn't go um uh when life doesn't go follow your plan, right? Or you are not um getting um what you want, right? So take control instead of freaking out, try your best to roll with the change you will get. Um um there someday sometimes uh um you know, positive attitude uh is all you need to keep going. What makes you smile? Is it traveling, being around Children or owning a successful business, your significant other financial freedom. Uh So there is many things make people uh smile right?

There is no waste of um uh time. There is no waste to life if you are happy, living it, right? If your happiness is the root of your desire, so take a few moments and really think about what makes you happy. Once you're uh you point out the very thing that makes you happy, uh the most, you will have a pretty clear idea of what you should or uh you should do for uh to strive uh for your uh in your life, right? We knew fear, take the first step toward your life. It's never too late, what you truly desire. Um Figure it out, don't be scared of failure and keep trying until you get it right. So great accomplishment never come easy. If you want to do great things with your life, you have to make extra effort, right? Uh That might mean that you have to put extra effort more than even average people are doing right, getting outside of your comfort zone and um learn as much as you can one challenge. Um One risk and one failure do not um reflect that you are a failure, right? There are opportunity to grow and improve. You can learn from your failure. Um And then follow the process, right? Care about the process and the journey.

Think about what you become along the way. Uh Then uh just the outcome, right? Own your dream, create your action plan, brainstorm, what you need, set a smaller milestone, celebrate each milestone and ask for the next step and obviously repeat, right? So the perfect way to keep focus on your dream is by rewarding yourself and competing a particular, completing a particular task, right? Conquering the small, small battle is the best motivation secret to moving forward with your next goal. And um through rewarding and congratulating yourself, you are increasing your self esteem. Heinz self-motivation gets uh easier and um attainable, right? If you only understood um if you only understood thoroughly, how can you uh work things out? You will realize that it is so much better if you fill your mind with positive ideas in order to create, created a reality, right? My learning, I will um I believe in myself and I perceive in the face of difficulty and I take my responsibility for my failure, right? I put uh more effort, I commit to goals and I continue to set my goals higher and higher, right? So I want to um um pretty much give a um self story, right? I, I was born in a village in Bangladesh, right? Where women education is a privilege from there.

I grew up with a dream that I will become an engineer and I, I'm not just saying that it was a very easy goal. Uh And I just got it. I'm saying that I persevere, I saw a lot of uh difficulties getting those goals and getting that goal, right? So I work hard and I did my best in uh my high school and get into the entrance exam to get the uh engineering education. And definitely my parents, my families uh were helping me through this struggle, right? And then I get uh into the engineering school. Then when I was in university, that time, I had to move to us and uh I have to create next struggle for um getting my engineering degree in us, right? So I had to go through a lot of hardship to get into the engineering school in Georgia Tech. And I work hard and um see that my goal is very difficult to get, but I didn't give up, I didn't see that. You know, if I, if I fail what will happen, I always thought myself that I will get it and uh no matter what uh I have the capability and I will get it.

And when I commit to my goal, and I saw that um no difficulty is difficult enough to stop my dream, right? And um eventually I graduated from Georgia Tech with electrical engineering degree, right? So I kept on dreaming and I um when I uh failed, right? If any of the uh goal or milestone, I fail, I took that responsibility and I put more effort and I learned from it and I understood what needs to be taken care of so that I don't do the same mistake again, right? And if I reach a goal, um and I made sure that I um set my next goal a little bit higher than uh what I achieved. And I celebrated my um accomplishment. And I always think that if one person can motivate um uh him or herself and continuously set the goal and have um um put in the effort as much as um required and commit to the goal. Definitely, that person will be successful. So don't delay uh own your dream and keep working at it. Keep trying to get your goal. Um You'll be successful. I think that's um all um I wanted to share.