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Elizabeth Ivy Johnson
Sr. Director - Digital Commercial Operations
Roshni Bhagalia
VP-Product Management, Edison AI & Platform
Patricia Reis Castro
Executive, Quality & Regulatory - Healthcare Technology
Ella Krivitchenko
Communications Manager, Culture and Purpose
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Teamwork at GE Healthcare: Finding Purpose in MedTech

In this blog, we delve into the core values, operations, and work-life experiences at GE healthcare. Featuring insights from Elizabeth, Patricia, and Roshni, three esteemed colleagues at GE healthcare, we hope to inspire those seeking purposeful jobs in the healthcare sector.

About GE Healthcare

GE healthcare is a globally recognized business focusing on medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions. The company is deeply invested in integrating its services and data analytics to streamline the operations of hospitals, efficacy of clinicians and to simplify the patient's journey across different healthcare pathways.

The company's main goal? Creating a world where healthcare has no limits. Whether it's providing imaging, ultrasound, or patient care solutions, each member of the GE team is united in striving towards this ambitious goal.

Meet Our Panelists

In an enlightening conversation, we spoke to Elizabeth, Patricia, and Roshni, three accomplished employees of GE Healthcare about their work-life experiences and what drives them in their career paths.

  • Elizabeth, the global commercial operations leader for GE's ultrasound business, emphasizes the importance of keeping sales teams well-equipped and efficiently onboarding customers.
  • Patricia, who leads the Postmark complaint handling organization for the company, believes in the critical role of clear communication with customers.
  • Roshni, the leader of Edison and A I services at GE healthcare, speaks on the incredible importance of innovating and implementing AI on healthcare platforms and devices.

Finding Purpose at GE Healthcare

When asked about the sense of purpose their work brings, all three panelists resonated with the fulfilment of creating solutions that have a significant impact on healthcare at large.

  • Elizabeth is driven by the knowledge that she impacts many lives through her work by making medical conditions easier to diagnose, treat, and prevent.
  • For Patricia, the reward comes from knowing that G healthcare's solutions save lives and assist physicians in diagnosing health issues.
  • Roshni feels inspired when she reflects on how GE's technologies can democratize healthcare and make it available to everyone, particularly those in developing countries.

Advice for Future Healthcare Professionals

Reflecting on their own career paths, our panelists share some career advice they would have given their younger selves, hoping to inspire and guide those in university or at the start of their careers.

  • Elizabeth advises openness to all opportunities, explaining that diverse roles can build a versatile skill set for leadership positions.
  • Patricia suggests establishing networks early on, highlighting how these connections can guide personal career trajectories and growth in the long run.
  • Roshni recommends exploring different fields through internships, advocating for a variety of experiences early in one’s career to better understand personal likes and dislikes in the workforce.

In conclusion, GE Healthcare fosters an enriching work environment, where every team member is brought together by a common purpose of improving healthcare worldwide. If you wish to learn more about GE Healthcare, connect with Elizabeth, Patricia, or Roshni on LinkedIn. If you're interested in a career full of purpose, do check out GE healthcare's job openings at their booth during the conference hours.

Video Transcription

Hello, thank you so much, Anna. So welcome everyone. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm Elo Karen Coo and I work on GE health care's internal communications team where I support our culture and diversity, equity and inclusion, communications.And so to give some additional background into GE health care, we are a global business that focuses on medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics and digital solutions to provide integrated solutions services and data analytics to make hospitals more efficient clinicians, more effective therapy, more precise in the patient's journey, more simple across different care care pathways, including imaging, ultrasound, patient care solutions and pharmaceutical diagnostics.

And so together, each of our colleagues are united by one purpose, which is to create a world where health care has no limits. And so I'm looking forward to each of you learning from three of my colleagues today about what they do and how they've been able to find a sense of purpose through their work at GE health care. And so with that, um let's get started. Um We have Elizabeth Patricia and Roshni. Um And so what I'll do is I'll ask each of you to introduce yourself and then tell the audience about the work that you do at GE health care. And so I think with that, um we can go ahead and get started and Elizabeth, I'll turn it over um to you.

Thank you. I'm very excited to be here. So I um am actually the global commercial operations leader for our ultrasound business in our digital uh technology space. I've been with GE for 20 years, 15 of those years in the healthcare space. And um basically today in my current role, I'm responsible to make sure our sales team has all the tools they need to to be in order to sell our digital solutions. Um I also make sure that we're able to onboard customers in a very efficient manner, support our customers with technical issues and then really partner with our customers throughout the life cycle of our engagement to make sure they're seeing the true value out of, out of our new analytical tools.

Thanks Elizabeth. And then I'll turn it over to you Patricia.

Wonderful. Hello, everybody. Um I am Patricia Reese Castro. I've been with GE Health Care for about 20 years, similar to my colleague, Elizabeth. Uh I'm currently leading the Postmark complaint handling organization for, for the company. So my, my team is responsible for looking at the customer complaints and making sure we are communicating properly with them in regards um you know, any challenges that they might be having with uh with the usage of the, the devices and I am looking forward to, to talking to my colleagues here.

So um back to you, Ella.

Thanks Patricia and then Rosie, the stage is worse.

Thanks. Uh um Hi, everyone. My name is Roisin Palia. Um I lead uh Edison and A I services um for G healthcare. Um I've been with GE for about 13 years. Seven of those have been uh in a global research function. Um And the remainder have been uh in the product management office. Um The Edison platform and A I services is a bunch of uh capable that allows us to inject A I and non A I capabilities into both our devices um and into end points that users uh used to experience healthcare workflows. Um The platform also has a way to access data and make it available across both applications, people on our devices. Um really excited to be here to talk a little bit more about um all the amazing stuff and the, the wonderful people um I work with at G healthcare.

Thank you so much. And so now I'd like to dive a little bit deeper into the sense of purpose piece. And so if each of you could share uh the sense of purpose, your work brings you that keeps you motivated to do your best work at GE health care, um That would be great. And so Elizabeth will start with you and then go to Patricia and then Roshni

Yes, thanks for that question. Um I've always been one who's been really motivated by the why. Um you know, why are we coming to work every day? What is our, what is our purpose and to be in the healthcare, space and industry and, and work for a MedTech organization? I know that every day that I get up and I go to work no matter what function I'm in, no matter what role I have in some way, shape or form. I'm ultimately impacting a life or in many lives um through how our devices and our services help um diagnose, help treat, prevent um all types of medical conditions. And it's something that I personally and many of the employees of ge health care can just identify with. And for me, it's motivating to know to have a strong sense of purpose that I'm adding strong value to my community. Um And to many others. Uh So just the healthcare space in general to me is super inspiring to hear stories from customers. When I started in healthcare, I started in the maternal infant care business and you, you can't get um I think any better of a patient than, than a baby.

Um and especially a lot of the preemies that uh have to take uh and, and use our incubators and warmers and they hear stories from patients and customers just speak up the value that the products bring that the technology brings how it makes their job easier for clinicians. It allows them to focus on patient care more than have to worry about what's going on with the devices. And then obviously the direct impact of the patients themselves. For me that in and of itself, just knowing that I'm having a positive impact is super motivational. And then also the people that we work with, we work with some extremely smart individuals. You can see my, my fellow panel members here and um we all want to do great work. Uh We are all very motivated to uh you know, try to do our best, make the products as safe as we can. Uh Ultimately because we know the, the stakes that are involved uh when you're in, in this space. So for me just knowing that positive impact in and of itself and then the great people we work with is just super motivational.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I really, really loved hearing that answer. Um And Patricia I'll turn it over to you next.

Sounds good. Um Look, I um as I introduced myself, right? I've, I've been working for G healthcare for about 20 years and uh I would say that there is no secret for what I call uh uh successful long term relationship, I think. Uh Absolutely, I'm, I'm here today because of our products and, and, and ultimately our customers, right? It's, it's absolutely what takes me out of bed every day. Um Knowing that we, we are building solutions that can save lives and um and can help physicians to diagnose health problems and disease. It's, it's absolutely rewarding. Um I would say particularly in the area that I am in right post market surveillance. Uh The fact that we work so closely with customers to, to ensure the systems are up and running uh 24 hours, seven days, 77 days a week. Uh uh It really reminds me of how much impact we are making to, to people's lives, right? And, and, and reinforces my, my sense of purpose. Um The other thing that I cannot miss uh which, which Elizabeth um pointed out to you a little bit. Uh Is this exchange of knowledge, right? The people uh that are around us, the exchange of knowledge, the, the exchange of experiences uh learnings uh that, that I get every day from, from my job, right? It's, it's, it's absolutely uh motivational. So, so, so that's uh that's my take for, for, for this Ella.

Thank you, Patricia and Rosine. I'll turn it over to you now.

Thanks Ella. Um You know, I'm gonna echo a little bit what Patricia and Elizabeth said um G works in 100 and 60 countries. Um We have about 17,000 images per minute that are, that are acquired in a G healthcare device somewhere in the world. So just the scope of, you know, what you can achieve at G healthcare, the changes and the impact it can have on the industry are really the the sky is the limit because, you know, a a place like G really has the ability and the potential to really transform the healthcare industry.

Um You know, personally, for me, um I'm, I'm Indian, my origin, I come from a relatively poor country. Um And I see how GE tries really hard to take technology that they develop for quote unquote the premium markets, but really make them available everywhere, right? So a lot of the work that I do on the platform side is really about democratizing new capabilities for everybody and giving everybody equitable access um to those capabilities. I still remember, you know, back when I was doing research, um we, we had developed this first algorithm that could help with cardiac scans and it only works with premium scanners because it needed a certain type of image acquisition. Well, I am, I am very humbled and very excited to tell you that, you know, over the last five years G has worked really hard and that technology is now available to the value markets, right? And G continues to do that. That's why there's such a big investment in something like the platform to really get to equitable healthcare. Um So I'm, you know, it, it's, it's very inspiring. Um And I think it's something something I'm passionate about to really make that available for everyone. Um And I'm gonna sound like a little bit like a stuck t here again. But it's, it's really the people that you eat. So, you know, I, I've, I've had colleagues and friends from different organizations and we have, don't get me wrong.

There's a lot of, you know, creative discussions and heated arguments um at ge but everybody comes to work with the sort of the end goal of improving healthcare. So all those passionate conversations um and those really, we have some amazing talented people. Um but they all work together to really improve healthcare. Um And that's what makes it a really exciting place to be. Um So I'm, I'm, I'm excited to be, I continue to be excited to be part of G healthcare. Um I think I think we can do amazing, amazing transformational things together.

Thank you so much. Um I think we have time for maybe one or two more questions. And so the next question I have is for all of you, what advice do you wish that you could go back and give your college self when you were searching for jobs? So Elizabeth, I'll start with you.

Yeah. So I think the best advice I could give myself that um I probably started doing more executing on more later in my career is just being open to all opportunities. Um I could not have written down my path. I, I'm a mechanical engineer. I graduated from University of Michigan. I did my thesis on fluid dynamics Um I've had several roles throughout ge um from new product development to service to digital analytics and, and now commercialization of our, our digital tools and ultrasound. And I would have never been able to write down on a piece of paper to say these would have been the roles that I would have gone after. And so just being really open to opportunities um when, when someone comes to you and says, hey, you know, I have something, I think you could be good at what I've always tried to do is um find tangential roles or functions that I thought were complimenting my core skill set, but not necessarily directly into, you know, what I, what I thought my expertise was roles that I thought I could grow in.

I could, yes, I could contribute, but I also could grow. And so I think being really open to new opportunities, even if you may not have thought that's exactly what you would have done or the role you would have gone. And I think what you'll find that as you, as you do that and especially in a company, an organization like GE is that you get to learn new things you work with um you know, a diverse set of individuals and it really builds out your um skill sets, it really prepares you for almost any leadership position um in almost any industry.

And so just be really open to new opportunities.

Thank you, Elizabeth. Uh Patricia.

Sure. That's a, that's a great uh device Elizabeth, by the way. Um III, I, and it's a great question and as, as I reflect about the question, I, I would, uh I would say start building, you know, your network right away. Um I think, I think it really, you know, meaning focus on your professors, the relationship with, uh, with, uh, your classmates. I think, uh, you know, the, the word is too small. It is an absolutely uh true statement. Um I can speak for, for my own experience. Uh when I decided to, to pursue a master's degree in accounting, I am a, I am a, a AAA CPA. And after uh my undergrad, I, I went after my, my uh master's degree in uh in accounting. And as I was going into that process, right, to, to get into the program, it was phenomenal to, to reconnect with uh with my undergrad uh connections, right? With uh with my undergrad professors, with my, my college uh friends and uh and really learn from their own experiences that you paths they, they, they, they took, right? Uh uh when it comes to, to careers and uh and, and also see how much value they actually added to, to that journey, right? That I was about to start in the in the masters um uh program.

So I, I really think, you know, network is, is absolutely an important thing to do. And if we start this, you know, very early in our careers. We'll just see, you know, a ton of benefits, uh, coming out of, uh, that connection. So that's it back to you, Ellen.

Thanks Patricia and then I'll turn it over to Rosie.

Thanks Ella. Um You know, when I, when I look back on, what was I, what, what I would have done differently when I was looking for my first job. Um, I actually think I would have done a few more internships and co ops earlier on um in my career. Um You know, a and at first actually call out to Elizabeth Golu. I uh I graduated from uh from Eish as well. Um But uh you know, II, I did, I did a master's and then a phd. But, but all together, right. And I, I think luckily for me, I ended up with sort of what I liked, but I, I would go back and say, take the time to do a few cos if you think an adjacent field is more interesting, even take a sabbatical. It's, it's well worth it. Um Because, you know, even if you, even if you figure out if you don't like it, you still learn something you've learned that you don't like it. Um And you want to look at something else. Um So that's advice I would, I would give to my, you know, my early career self, to my mid career self.

I know nobody asked me, but I, uh but I do want to say this, uh for me, it's really important to find something I'm passionate about and to actually look for a team where people around me are raising the bar because even though it's challenging to begin with, it just makes you a better person and a better employee and so much better at what you do.

So, you know, looking at those adjacency, but really trying to be in a team where actually maybe I'm not the smartest person on the team. Um You know, is, is I I found that immensely beneficial. Um And luckily for me, g healthcare has lots of those opportunities. There's always somebody um smarter than me in the room. So, so that's

great. Thank you all so much. I think that this, this advice has been really helpful um that I think a lot of people will be able to take as they search for their next opportunities. And so I appreciate you sharing um your perspectives and I know that we have two minutes left and Rosie, there's a chat. Um There's a question in the chat that says, um that has a question that says, does the process of understanding the users of ge MedTech also include user groups globally?

Uh Yes. So actually, you know, like I said, we, we operate in 100 and 60 countries. Um And, and depending on the product um and the type of country that we're gonna um sort of introduce that product into. We actually do a lot of um a lot of user group studies um in that target country, especially because based on the country, how you deploy the product where it gets deployed, even how users interact with it, especially in health care, it's a highly regulated industry um with country specific regulations.

Um So yeah, there's a lot of time and effort spent into making sure first that we're compliant, but then also making sure that what we're delivering is actually adapted to that market and how customers uh would engage with it.

Thank you. And so with that, I think we're at time and I know that there are additional questions in the chat. Um And so, but first, I want to say thank you to Elizabeth Patricia and Rosie for their time and for sharing their perspectives um to everyone in the audience. Thank you so much for joining us and please feel welcome to connect with Patricia, Elizabeth and Roshni um on linkedin and reach out to them if you have any additional questions about what they do. Um And, and then if you also have any other questions, um ge health care will have a booth during the, the hours noted on the conference platform and we will have recruiters to share more about the type of job openings that we currently have and how to and how you can learn more about jobs full of purpose at GE health care.

And so thanks again everyone. And I hope um you all have a great day.

Thank you so much, Ella. Thank you so much Patricia Elizabeth and Rosny for this very insightful and engaging presentation uh panel discussion. Uh It was really great to have you with us. And as Ella said, please follow up if you have any other questions, you were shy to ask us in the chat and you have some specific question and yeah, G health care is hiring. You can also go to the booth to leave your contact details or to um ask a question and there will be also a meet and greet session and another keynote tomorrow at the Career Growth Summit. Thank you so much, ladies for joining us. It was great to have you with us in this stage of the global conference and wishing you a great day.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Bye bye bye.