Trivia on Women in Technology by Jennifer Glenski

Automatic Summary

Trivia Challenge: Women in Tech

Have you ever participated in an engaging trivia game? If your answer is "Yes" experience the excitement again as we recount a unique trivia event held recently. If it's "No", get on board! Gaining knowledge and having fun should always go hand in hand. So, join us as we delve into a recent trivia session about women and technology.

Format of The Game

This trivia game utilizes an engaging interactive platform known as Kahoot. It comprises various rounds of rapid-fire questions about "Women in Tech." The top scorers win a premium membership to the Women Tech Global Network. Not bad for a game, right? To participate, players needed to put in a unique game pin provided and then proceed to enjoy the thrill that the game offers.

Note: You could either use a mobile device or a laptop. However, it is easier to split your screen and engage in the trivia using the mobile option.

Exciting Trivia Questions and Facts

Each round contained approximately ten witty questions and a few interesting factoids from the realm of technology and women's significant contributions to it. Here are some of the questions asked:

  • Who is credited with reporting the first computer bug?
  • Which film celebrates three pioneering women who played an integral role at NASA?
  • Who developed the algorithm behind the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?
  • In 1965, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman in the U.S. to earn a Ph.D. in which subject?
  • Kimberly Bryant founded which non-profit organization that provides technology education to young women of color?
  • Which documentary is about the women in computing in World War Two?
  • Approximately what percentage of STEM jobs in the U.S. are held by women?

Winners and Outcome

Each trivia round saw different winners— Alexandra made it to the top spot for the first round and Gen for the next! Both received a premium membership to Women in Tech Global Network. These victories brought a great deal of excitement and eagerness among the participants for more rounds of trivia in the future.

Everyone enjoyed the game, learning so much about the different roles women have played in the tech industry, their incredible achievements, and how they've shaped the industry we know today.

Looking Ahead

Quite frankly, what better way to educate and create awareness about the crucial role that women play in technology than through an engaging trivia game? It's not just about winning; it's also about learning and appreciating the strides women have made in this field. So, get your competitive spirit on and join us in the next session. Let's learn, engage and have fun together on our journey to understand and appreciate "Women in Tech".

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome everyone. We're going to begin Archery in just a moment here. So glad that you all can join us. So for today, we're gonna be using Cahoot to play a few rounds of trivia on women and tech.Our top scores will win a premium membership to women Tech Global Network. So that should be pretty exciting. So in order to join, we're gonna be using Cahoot and at the top here you see our game pin. If you go to Cahoot dot it, you can enter in our game pin and enter your name into join

and just a suggestion if you haven't played Cahoot before, um you might wanna play on your phone just so you can, so you can see your screen. I can also scan the um the the QR code and Jenny just placed the, the game pin in the chat, but still you can absolutely play on a map. Um But you again, you might wanna just play on your phone, just my recommendation. But if you can split your screen and you, you wanna join that way it works just fine.

Yeah, and the like to join in game or in the chat again. It's Kahoot, Kahoot dot It.

We have a lot of people going for that membership. Jenny. It's a great organization.

I would want premium membership too. All right. Looks like we're ready to get started. If at any time new people want to join the Game Pin and Link are in the chat

there. All right, we'll get started. There's gonna be about 10 questions in total team and, and we'll, we'll have a little bit of facts for everything afterwards too. Who, who is credited with reporting the first computer book? Now, if you haven't played Cahoot before, it is also a game of speed. So if you know the answer, go for it and if you don't know the answer, go for it. Uh you never know if you're right and we'll all learn a little bit together afterwards anyway. All right. It was Grace Cooper. And let's see, Jenna. I like the emoji. Jenna is up top so far. Just a little bit about Grace Hooper. Uh uh Ho ho, what was that, Jenny Grace Hopper. Yeah, Hopper. Thank you for correcting me. Um It was actually, she, excuse me, the first Peer bug was found in 1947. Uh, just a literal bug of a moth actually, I didn't know that. Um But, but that said it's the, the first peer bug. All right, let's keep on going and we'll see if we have a change up top. Which film celebrates three pioneering women in science who played an interval role in space programs at NASA. We'll see how many movie enthusiasts we have. All right. Hidden Figures, which is a wonderful movie. If you haven't seen it, Jenna has clearly seen it by Alana and uh Our Heart me this, I, I couldn't quite see that one. But Hidden Figures. Great movie.

If you hadn't seen it now, you have something to do with your weekend. Now, in addition to being a self taught inventor, uh Heidi Lamar, did I get that one? Right, Jenny, I ho I hope was best known for being a, everyone wants that membership going pretty quick. OK. Film actor. Let's see. No change. Oh, we had quite a bit of a change. So Rachel Thompson, I uh no, I have not seen that. So maybe I have a few movies to watch this weekend now too, who developed the algorithm behind the spanning tree protocol or STP. This is the one we're thinking on a little bit more, which is fair. All right, let's see. Alexandra is leading the way now. Now, um she was an American computer programmer and networking engineer. She invented this, the STP that we just discussed, which was a fundamental, which was fundamental to the operations of network bridges. So good to know there too. OK. In 1965 sister Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman in the US to get a phd. In which subject Jenny's helping us out with the picture. Just a little bit. Computer science. All right. Not too much change up top. We'll see where we come out in the end. All right. So we're halfway through Grace Cooper was the first woman to earn a phd in mathematics from which university I should have. Uh, know that one because I think that was actually in one of the ones we played, we played internally at, in Teledyne recently.

There we go. Yeah. All right. Let's see if Ozan can hold out to the end or if anyone's going to unseat her, Kimberly Bryant founded the nonprofit organization that provides technology education to young women in color. Was it girls in tech, black girls, code, girls and code or teens in A I, I wanna look at that picture, black girls club. All right. No change at all. All right, Lisa. Um Glut Palter that I'm not sure if I got that one right as well, but she developed code that facilitated publishing videos online and the creation of which file format JPEG PDF, GIF or MP3. Jeff, which I think we all can appreciate in between work sessions. Like Hi Lamar invented a secret communication system that has inspired which technology commonly used today. Was it Wi Fi Bluetooth gps or all of the above? And she's always coming rapid fire as that picture just starts uh coming to light. OK. All the above. We have quite a bit to Thank her for Alexandra and I think it's J I and Aaron are rounding out our top three and last one, which documentary is about the women in computing in World War Two Simone. You can't look at your phone. There is a membership on the line. Ok. Top secret Rosie. All right. Oh, well, there you go. Very nice of them. Ok. Well, here's our first podium with eight out of 10. Gen. Very impressive and there is a tie with Aaron and number one was Alexandra.

Um I guess Alexandra, would you mind? I, I guess putting your whole name in the chat, is that what you need, Jenny just to, so, so we can get in contact with her Alexander. If you can hear me, you definitely want to put your name in the chat or, or say something in the chat just so Jenny can reach out to you. Oh, there we go. Ok. Thank you so much and I think we have time for round two. So let's go to round two. Let's see here. So, same deal. You, you got a little bit of a practice round. You're just going to want to put in the pin code. You might just want to refresh your screen, go to uh co dot It again or you can just scan your QR code. All right, I think we have just about everybody in but just in case I'm gonna put the game P in the chat for any reason if you'd like to join after we get started. All right, my Jamison was the first black woman to I think we all know what the answer is going to be. Now, go to space. Let's see. Savage on top. I like it. Ok.

Approximately what percentage of stem jobs in the US are held by women 2025 40 or 60% 25% and rising every day. Ok. Lots of change. Approximately how many visitors are expected to attend the Women Tech Global Conference in 2022. Is it 60,000? 100,000 or half a million plus? Are you planning on going to the Woman In Tech Global Conference this year? 100,000? Quite the event? Ok. Caitlyn Jen is back and so is J I, so we'll, we'll see what happens in the end. Which company was founded by all Women? Was it Tinder Spotify LG and Bumble? I read an article about this one recently. Ok. Bumble. And I believe extra fun fact, I can't remember if it was Tinder or Twitter that she, she used to work at before she started Bumble. Caitlin Jamie B and J I It was tender. Thank you. Thank you for having my back in the chat. All righty early in her career. What was Catherine Johnson's job at NASA? All right. Ok. We have a lot of frequent visitors up top. That would be pretty good to be called the computer. Who is, who, who is, who is this neurologist? Excuse me, TV. Enthusiasts would have this one too. So. Wow! Ok. And yes, I, I, yeah, everyone I hope has seen Big Bang Theory. Who was the first Latina astronaut? Ok. All right, Ellen. Ocha. All right, Jen Anel, if I'm pronouncing that correctly and Jamie B Savage is back as well. Which company was Kathy Engelbert the CEO of, was it the Deloitte NVIDIA No Motors or Apple Deloitte?

I feel like Jen had a peek or something or she's just really good and we didn't have too much change up top. So we'll see. I think we have how many questions left? We got a few more on which date is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Health. Is it February 8th, 11th, 14th or the 22nd? Very nice, Jen Savage. And he a new visitor to the top three. Kate Bowman led the creation of a new algorithm that produced the first image of a Moran black hole. All right. Let's see who won round two. Uh I know if, if I'm pronouncing it properly, Savage with nine out of 10 and answering all of them correctly, Jen and I agree the black hole probably was exciting as it's exciting that you won. Uh That's Jer Paul that, that won and that's wonderful. Um Jenny, I, I don't know. Um I think it's, we're closer to the end. Did you wanna go for another round or, or, or will we, will we come back tomorrow and have a little bit more fun then? All right, everyone. I can't quite hear Jana. So executive decision, I hope we had a little bit of fun to, to break up the excellent summit that I'm sure you're all experiencing today. Uh Please come back in and play with us again tomorrow. We'll, we'll see you there.