Want to be part of what makes the WomenTech Network special? Sign up to be a volunteer! 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Community & Media Outreach Lead
    In this role, you will be reaching out to local tech communities and media to join the WomenTech mission and the Global Conference.
  • Virtual Experience Host
    In this role you will be helping us to enhance the virtual experience by bringing, coordinating, or managing fun activities at the Global Conference, examples are meditation, yoga, trivia night, music, fun games, and other potential activities.
  • Session Monitoring & Facilitator
    In this role you will be joining selected talks, welcoming the speakers in the chat (not on camera), researching their background, preparing questions, and interacting with the speaker/audience before (on social media) and during the event (on Hopin) as well as reporting potential issues to the support team.
  • Session Moderator & Audience Engagement
    In this role you will be welcoming speakers on camera, introducing speakers, engaging with participants, encouraging them to ask questions, researching the topics and preparing questions yourself, and supporting potential technical issues. Previous experience as a panel, session, or fireside chat moderator is required.
  • Program Track Chair
    In this role, you will be actively encouraging experts in your area of expertise to apply as a speaker for the Global Conference, review session applications, and outline the track agenda with other track chairs. Previous experience as a track chair, jury, panel host, conference organizer, or similar is required and seniority (7+ years) in your field of work is necessary.
  • Social Media Advocate
    In this role, you will support our social media team by engaging with content weekly and inspiring others to join the community by re-sharing, commenting, tagging, creating posts, and posting stories.
Select Potential Roles
Please the most suitable role only, and no more than 2 or 3 options.
Please review our tracks and topics first. 
Please let us know in which city/state/country you would like to host an in-person event and if you have a potential sponsored venue in mind to host the WomenTech Global Impact Summit [CITY] on June 10th.
Please provide your phone number for internal communication purposes
  1. Compliance: I will comply with all applicable data protection laws in handling personal data, ensuring it is used only for its intended purpose related to the conference.
  2. Confidentiality: I understand that personal data must be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone not authorized by the conference organizers.
  3. Data Security: I commit to protecting any personal data I access from unauthorized use, disclosure, or loss.
  4. Limited Use: I will only use personal data for tasks directly related to my volunteer role and will not use it for any other purpose.
  5. Reporting: In case of any data breach or security concerns, I will immediately report to the designated WomenTech Network contact.

By signing this form, I acknowledge my understanding and agreement to these terms.