Women in Tech Mentoring Program

Abdelfatah Mouttaqui

Blockchain Strategist

Proudly Moroccan , The foundation of my education and understanding is built on a unique Geopolitical and Societal diploma completed in the early stages of my growth. This prepared me for an approach not only with a business mind but with a political understanding too. I have grown from financial consultancy experience, language expertise and a large amount of political work to a strong passion in the world of Technology. With my Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Knowledge of the Blockchain Ecosystem/
Innovations in Value Transfer/Decentralized Apps and Smart Contracts/Transforming Enterprise Business Modules and the Blockchain Frontiers as well as my vast understanding and experience in the political and financial arena - my approach to the development of this new technology is unique given my established networks and full stack strategy. I am driven by the desire to succeed and make a difference in all I do - that said, I intend to actively be a part of supporting the education and development.
  • Anida Haq

    Director - Sales
  • Claudia Fabiola Amador Gomez

    COO & Executive Delivery Manager
  • Priya Abraham

    Enterprise Architect - Strategy and M&A
  • Vidhu Dutt

    Global Sales Enablement & Growth Marketing Lead - Accenture Microsoft Partnership
  • Rebecca Gasser

    Chief Information Officer
  • Anisha Sekar

    Co-founder and CPO
  • Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien

    Senior Marketing Manager & Data Analyst
  • Christine Osazuwa

    Director of Data & Insights - Global Marketing
  • Hani Azam

    Data Scientist
  • Kim Trevisan

    Chief Information Officer
  • Joy Emedom

    Senior Security Consultant
  • Mara Carvalho

    Engineering Manager
  • Dilruba Malik

    SQA Manager
  • Shelli Brunswick

    Chief Operating Office and Executive Leader
  • Dr J Harrison

    Harbinger of Change
  • Ishita Majumdar

    VP, Data Analytics Platform
  • Shikha Agarwal

    Solutions Architect (Presales)
  • Poonam Garg

    Vice President

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