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Shelli Brunswick

Chief Operating Office and Executive Leader

Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, brings a broad perspective and deep vision of the global space ecosystem — from a distinguished career as a space acquisition and program management leader and congressional liaison for the U.S. Air Force to her current role overseeing Space Foundation's three primary divisions: Center for Innovation and Education, Symposium 365, and Global Alliance.

Advocating for space technology innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, Shelli collaborates with organizations around the world to connect commercial, government, and educational sectors. Her work to champion the inclusion of underserved groups stems from staying true to the values instilled while she was in the military: a passion to share her journey, give back to the space community, and contribute to the development of the next-generation workforce.

She has published many articles in consumer, technology, and space-related journals to include SpaceNews and Forbes Technology Council. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, Shelli has delivered more than 100 speeches and presentations in 2022 alone on navigating career success, leadership and workforce development to audiences in Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and South America. As a thought leader, she is invited to speak at various think tanks, such as the Hudson Institute, the Wilson Center, and Global Policy Insights to discuss innovation, technology, and workforce development. As a futurist, Shelli has participated in research projects for both NASA and ESA to better understand the future of the global space system and its implications over the coming decades.

As a leading role model for women in space, Brunswick was selected as the 2022 Chief in Tech Award by WomenTech Network, LifeTime Achievement Award by the World Women Organization, Top 100 Leaders Award, The Most Influential Women in Leadership 2022 by March8 Magazine, and a Top Aviation and Aerospace Professional to Follow on Linkedin in 2022.

Shelli plays an active leadership role with various international organizations such as: Space4Women Mentoring Program an affiliate of the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, WomenTech Network, Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), World Business Angels Investment Forum, G100 Global Chair for Space Technology and Aviation, Global Policy Insights – Global Policy, Diplomacy and Sustainability (GPODS) Fellowship program, and more.
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