Women in Tech Mentoring Program

Charulatha Jain

Product Owner

If Mr. Moore in his law said - " transistor density increases by 18 months" so did Mr. Anthony J. D'Angelo said - " Never stop learning; knowledge doubles every fourteen months."

In short I carry a great passion of learning along with technical Interests in domains of Embedded Systems Design.
I believe in carrying out work in well organized manner, Self-motivated,well equipped with leadership qualities, good at analytic skills and problem solving.

Currently playing the role of a ProductOwner of an International Agile 10 member team in the Automotive Domain.
Versatile experience in Software development, Testing of Instrument Clusters.
Knowledgeable on Architectural and BSP Packages for Graphics RTOS.
Extensive Experience with diversified roles of Technical Lead, Stake holder Management, External Suppliers and Project Management.
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