30 Oustanding women in tech

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15), we honor the rich diversity and impactful contributions of outstanding women in tech with roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Their cultural heritage and achievements greatly enrich our global tech community. To equally recognize these remarkable professionals, we’ve listed them alphabetically, underscoring their collective influence on technology.

    Adaluz Julia Veloz

    EVP, Head of Talent, Employee Experience, DEI NA at Ketchum

    Julie Veloz, also known as Adaluz J. Veloz, serves as the EVP of Talent, Employee Experience, DEI NA at Ketchum, a top global communications consultancy. With two decades of expertise, Veloz directs talent management, employee engagement, culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion in North America. She boasts a track record of crafting innovative solutions for Fortune-ranked organizations and clients across various industries. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Veloz, an Afro-Latina/first-generation immigrant and college student, embraces her neurodiversity as a superpower. Her fervor lies in revolutionizing learning, work, and growth through data-driven decisions. Beyond her expertise in multicultural marketing, Veloz is an esports marketing enthusiast with a profound interest in the synergy of gaming, learning, and diversity. She has been featured in Forbes, Adweek, and the Journal of Multicultural Marketing, and is the founder of MasDeUna, championing mentorship and sponsorship for Latinas in the workplace. 

    Andreia Oliveira-Navalo

    Senior Business Analyst at NetApp

    With over 20 years of experience in the technical and security industry, Andreia is a Business Analyst and Project Manager who excels at managing multiple projects efficiently, delivering on time and within budget, and fostering innovation. She is a skilled communicator bridging the gap between technical requirements and stakeholders' needs, and she is passionately committed to diversity and inclusion. In summary, Andreia is a seasoned professional ready to tackle any organizational challenge with her technical expertise, project management skills, and commitment to excellence.

    Anna Garcia

    Financial Analyst Staff at Synopsys

    Anna Garcia is a seasoned leader with a track record of attending leadership seminars from November 2011 to February 2014. She served on the Inclusion and Diversity team from 2017 to 2021 and currently holds the role of LatinX Membership Chair in the company's ERG. Since 2013, Anna has been an active Toastmasters member and possesses strong data analytics skills, proficiently using Tableau, PowerBI, SAP Lumira, SAP Business Objects, and excelling in MS PowerPoint and Excel.

    Arlyssa M. Jaquez, CISSP

    Security Architect at Verizon

    Arlyssa M. Jaquez, a Network Security Architect at Verizon, hails from Oklahoma City with Mexican heritage. While her journey into engineering was initially uncertain, her path became clear when she overheard conversations about engineering projects during her college years. Today, she stands as a network security architect, dedicated to enhancing network security and mitigating threats. Her role involves designing and implementing security controls across applications, systems, and networks, reducing the risk of data breaches. Beyond her technical prowess, Arlyssa values the collaborative atmosphere at Verizon, attributing its success to exceptional leadership and fostering trust, inclusivity, and professional growth. Committed to mentorship and engagement in women-focused organizations like Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, she is dedicated to empowering the next generation of professionals.

    Beatris A. Mendez Gandica

    Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

    Beatris A. Mendez Gandica, originally from San Cristobal, Venezuela, is an engineer and Program Manager at Microsoft, where she oversees the daily operations of Azure Data services' usage billing pipeline, ensuring secure and accurate customer billing for Azure. Beyond her role at Microsoft, Beatris is deeply committed to community empowerment. In 2018, she founded Nuevo Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preparing underrepresented students for leadership roles in STEM fields, reaching over 15,800 students across 32 countries and territories. Beatris has earned numerous accolades for her contributions to STEM and diversity initiatives, including recognition as one of the 10 TechnoLochicas in 2017, the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers’ 40 under 40 award in 2019, and selection as one of the ambassadors for the American Association for the Advancement of Science IF/THEN program. She was also honored as one of the Distinguished Latinas in Computing in 2020, selected by UNICEF as a global role model for the Day of the Girl, and featured in "The New Latina: 100 Millennials Shaping Our World" in 2021. In 2022, her work was acknowledged by Latino Leaders Magazine in their "Top 100 Latinas" list, and her statue was displayed at the Smithsonian Castle during Women's Month.

    Calline Sanchez

    Vice President, TLS Global Offerings and Service Planning, AZ & NM State Leader at IBM

    Calline Sanchez currently holds the role of VP for IBM Global TSS Service Planning and Premium Support, and she also serves as the Site Leader for Tucson and Phoenix, as well as the State Leader for Arizona and New Mexico. In her current position, she leads a global team comprising IBM service planners, leaders, and premium support specialists. Before her current role, Ms. Sanchez led IBM Worldwide Systems Lab Services and Technical Universities, overseeing teams that provided technology solutions to end-users. She also previously served as the engineering leader for IBM's Enterprise Storage Systems, where she guided the IBM Storage Program Management team in delivering a comprehensive range of storage solutions, including Flash, Disk, Physical/Virtual Tape, and Data Backup. Ms. Sanchez began her IBM career as a Software Engineer intern in 1999. Her educational background includes a BSBA in Management Information Systems, a BA in Communications, and an MBA, all earned from the University of Arizona.

    Daniela Herrera

    Talent and DEI Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer at Kay & Black, Talent Management

    With over 17 years of international experience in Talent Operations, Recruitment, and Leadership, Dani Herrera is a highly accomplished DE&I Consultant. Fluent in two languages, Dani is a recognized authority in the field and has received awards for their work. Additionally, they are a sought-after speaker, a Founding Partner at Allies in Recruiting, and serve as a valued panelist on NASA's DEI Practitioners Database.

    Dani's primary mission is to help companies, teams, and leaders foster intentional inclusivity. Their work involves elevating organizational cultures that not only attract but also retain talent from historically underserved communities. Dani excels at developing strategies that effectively minimize biases and promote diversity and inclusion.

    Delia Gutierrez McLaughlin

    AWS Principal Engagement Leader

    Delia Gutierrez boasts two decades of impactful leadership, specializing in transformation, solutions delivery, outsourcing, customer service, and strategic sourcing. She's renowned as a Technology Evangelist, skillfully blending business acumen with technology to drive operational excellence, cost savings, and sustainable growth.

    As an Executive-level IT professional, Delia has held pivotal roles across diverse domains, supporting prestigious organizations such as Aon Corp., Rockwell Electronic Comm., and SBC/Ameritech, with clients including the City of Chicago, IBM, Motorola, Lucent, Amtrak, and American Airlines. Her ability to seamlessly align technology with business strategy has made her a trusted advisor among Fortune 500 companies. Delia's career highlights encompass leading multimillion-dollar global IT projects, establishing bilingual call centers, optimizing premium processing worth $2 billion annually, implementing channel programs across Latin America and the Caribbean, and receiving national recognition in 2011 as a "Top 100 Hispanic IT Executive."

    Dena R. Jones

    Vice President, Office of the CIO at Fannie Mae


    Dena Jones is a distinguished leader in strategic operations, technology program management, and performance optimization. With a knack for aligning project and program strategies with business goals, she has consistently exceeded performance targets through her unique blend of strategic and analytical expertise. Dena's recent accomplishments include guiding her team to deliver $1.5M in annual savings through Agile and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) adoption, streamlining resource strategies to consolidate three program teams into a single, cost-effective squad, revamping leadership-level forecasting capabilities, and pioneering a talent acquisition model focused on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, her advocacy for the INROADS non-profit leadership program has resulted in securing permanent positions in technology-related careers for 95% of all interns.

    Ellen Ochoa

    Veteran Astronaut at NASA


    Ellen Ochoa, an outside director and prominent speaker, boasts 30 years of aerospace experience as an astronaut and government executive. She excels in change leadership, thrives in high-risk environments, and champions diversity, particularly in STEM fields. From 2013 to 2018, she directed NASA's Johnson Space Center, implementing transformative changes and fostering innovation through public-private partnerships.

    As the first Latina astronaut, Dr. Ochoa flew on four space shuttle missions, earning a place in the Astronaut Hall of Fame and inspiring seven schools named after her. She holds memberships in prestigious organizations and serves on the boards of Fortune 1000 companies, including Service Corporation International and Mutual of America. Additionally, she actively participates in corporate director associations and sits on the boards of influential organizations.

    Graciela Perez

    VP, Chief Digital Program Officer and Executive Lean Leader at GE HealthCare


    Dr. Graciela Perez has held executive-level digital roles at Chevron, Microsoft, and GE HealthCare, accumulating over three decades of diverse industry experience. Her expertise spans Federal Compliance, Nuclear, Pharma, Biotech, Energy, Cloud Technology, and Healthcare. Grace holds a Doctor of Science in Engineering and is certified in Data Science, Lean methodologies, and Human Operational Performance. She leverages Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to lead comprehensive digital transformations, extending beyond basic IoT applications. Currently, at GE Healthcare, Grace serves as VP, Chief Digital Program Officer, and Executive Lean Leader, passionately sharing her knowledge to empower individuals and organizations worldwide.

    Isaura S Gaeta

    Vice President, Security Research, Intel Product Assurance and Security Engineering at Intel Corporation


    Isaura Gaeta, as the Vice President of Security Research at Intel, leads a global team of engineers and researchers dedicated to upholding the highest security standards across all Intel products. With nearly four decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, she boasts a track record of delivering innovative solutions that elevate the performance, reliability, and quality of Intel's technologies.

    Isaura's unwavering commitment lies in instilling a security-first culture and fostering collaborative partnerships with esteemed academic institutions for cutting-edge security research. Her remarkable contributions have earned her the prestigious Intel Achievement Award five times, recognizing her contributions to process innovation, product scaling, and risk management. Beyond her professional achievements, Isabela actively serves as a board member and chair of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, where she passionately advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech sector.

    Jennifer López

    VP of Product Development | Venture Partner - Capital One Growth Ventures

    Jennifer López is a seasoned executive in the realm of Product Management and Innovation. Her career is marked by a remarkable talent for conceiving and developing products, platforms, and teams from the ground up, as well as orchestrating transformative journeys for both small and large organizations, harnessing the power of innovation. Currently, Jennifer is deeply immersed in Venture Capital and new business development, actively shaping the landscape of emerging technologies. Beyond her professional endeavors, she takes immense pride in her leadership within the sphere of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, striving to foster a more inclusive, representative, and innovative environment in the realms of technology and entrepreneurship for all.

    Jessica Vasquez

    Marketing Operations Manager at Netflix


    Jessica Vasquez is a dedicated and enthusiastic television industry veteran with more than ten years of experience. Her role involves overseeing the production and distribution of video content for various platforms, including on-air, off-channel, affiliate, digital, and social media, especially for high-profile campaigns. She excels at cultivating strategic partnerships, both within the organization and externally, and is skilled in implementing efficient workflow solutions. Jessica also has a keen interest in exploring emerging marketing segments and cutting-edge technologies to enhance her work.

    Julieta Schuster

    Vice President, Manufacturing Plants Digital IT Leader at Procter & Gamble​​​​​​​

    Julieta Schuster is an accomplished business technology and IT executive with a global footprint, having worked in diverse regions, including Venezuela, Latin America, Toronto, Canada, Frankfurt, Germany, and her current base in Cincinnati, OH, USA, as part of the Procter & Gamble team. She brings a wealth of international experience to her roles as CIO, CDO, and business technology leader. Additionally, Julieta is actively involved as a Non-Profit Board member at the Bethesda Foundation, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the corporate realm.

    Lidiane Jones

    CEO at Slack


    Lidiane Jones, currently the CEO of Slack, boasts over two decades of experience in tech product and business innovation. Leading a diverse team at Slack, part of Salesforce, she's focused on simplifying and improving work lives.

    Her career spans various roles, including EVP and GM for Salesforce Digital Experiences, where she prioritized customer experience. Before that, she led Sonos' software product team and spent nearly 13 years at Microsoft, working on different products, from Microsoft Office to Azure Machine Learning.

    Lidiane holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and is not only a tech enthusiast but also an avid reader and dedicated mom.

    Lilian Rincon

    Senior Director of Product Management at Google


    Lilian Rincon is a seasoned product executive with over two decades of experience in the consumer Internet realm, accompanied by 15 years of leadership experience. Her track record includes spearheading leading products across diverse categories, such as Artificial Intelligence (Google Assistant), communications (Skype), Microsoft's Conversations as a Platform, search (Bing), advertising (adCenter), and mobile (Bing Mobile, Skype Mobile, Google Assistant).

    Lilian's remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she was recognized among the top 15 power women at Google in 2019 (BI), celebrated as one of the leading women in tech by Refinery29 in 2018, honored as a top power woman by Marie Claire in 2017, and acknowledged as one of the top 20 Latinos in tech by CNET in 2016.

    Lori Castillo Martinez

    Executive Vice President and Chief Equality Officer at Salesforce​​​​​​​

    Lori Martinez is a dynamic leader known for her ability to drive data-driven, enterprise-wide strategies that navigate complex legal requirements. With a background at Salesforce, McKesson, and major tech companies, Lori's innovative approach to problem-solving and compliance has left a lasting imprint on cultures and practices. As a seasoned business partner, she excels in resolving intricate business, culture, and compliance issues while adhering to global legal constraints. Her effectiveness stems from her strong commitment to collaboration with diverse stakeholders and forging relationships that ease complex transformations. Lori is also celebrated for building and inspiring winning teams focused on continuous learning and performance alignment with strategic goa

    Miri Rodriguez

    Senior Storyteller Future of Work and Health & Public Services Industry, Microsoft

    Miri Rodriguez is a globally recognized storyteller, bestselling author of "Brand Storytelling," and the founder of Be Mindful Be Happy. With over 15 years of expertise, she offers valuable industry insights and consulting experience, all delivered with an authentic and engaging style.

    Miri's accolades include multiple awards in digital marketing and customer experience, and she is consistently ranked as a highly sought-after speaker at major industry conferences worldwide. Beyond her professional achievements, Miri is deeply committed to social advocacy and philanthropy. She dedicates her time to training social enterprise leaders in Africa, coaching students at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in the U.S., and mentoring individuals in building their personal brands with empathy, passion, and purpose. Currently, she holds the role of Senior Storyteller for Health and Public Sector Industries at Microsoft.

    Nina Vaca

    Founder, Chairman & CEO at Pinnacle Group


    Nina is a prominent business executive, philanthropist, and Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE). She currently chairs Pinnacle Group, the largest Latina-owned workforce solutions firm, featured 13 times on the Inc. 500/5000 list. Nina has received awards like Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Goldman Sachs Most Intriguing Entrepreneur. She's been named among ALPFA/Fortune Magazine's Top 5 Most Powerful Latinas and is known for her civic and philanthropic work, including international initiatives.

    Nina holds honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Mount Mary University, and Berkeley College, and she completed the Corporate Governance Executive Program at Harvard University. She's a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Paulina Villarreal Chaires

    Senior Data Engineer at Luxoft


    Paulina Villarreal Chaires has honed her expertise by engaging in diverse financial functions, including invoicing, risk management, and addressing market data inquiries. She has delivered these services to senior finance teams across the globe.

    Paulina's standout achievements include the implementation of data analytics, streamlining processes for substantial time and cost savings, and fostering cross-organizational collaboration to cultivate a culture of operational excellence.

    Pegleess Barrios Sánchez

    Senior Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Pinterest


    Pegleess Barrios Sánchez serves as a Program Manager on Pinterest's Diversity & Inclusion team, bringing a first-generation Latina perspective to the tech world. Her mission is to empower individuals to build fulfilling careers. Pegleess has explored various career facets, including recruiting, talent management, and community leadership. Currently, as the Program Manager for Pinterest's Employee Resource Group Program, she thrives on connecting people, facilitating connections to opportunities, and guiding them through corporate systems.

    Pegleess is actively engaged with the Latinas in Tech Canada community and contributes her program management and facilitation skills to workshops, online communities, and partnerships that support Latinx talent while celebrating their rich cultures. Her personal commitment is to ensure that Latinx individuals not only have representation in the tech industry but are also fully included, valued, and thriving.

    Perla Villarreal

    Technical Product Management at Thoughtworks

    Perla Villarreal, a Lead Software Consultant at Thoughtworks, brings over eight years of experience in consulting, software engineering, and technical leadership. She excels in data strategy and product management, delivering innovative solutions across diverse industries. Committed to continuous growth, Perla recently completed Stanford Continuing Studies courses in product management fundamentals and artificial intelligence for business managers. She's also a Samsung Innovation Campus Artificial Intelligence Course fellow with EDC certification.

    In addition to her professional achievements, Perla dedicates herself to empowering Latinx and women in tech communities while advocating for responsible technology. As a fellow of the HITEC Emerging Executive Program, she supports Hispanic tech professionals' executive development. Perla is also an active member of The Alumni Society, connecting with like-minded leaders.

    Rosa Ramos-Kwok is a highly accomplished Technology Senior Executive renowned for her dynamic and results-driven approach. Over the course of her career, she has successfully navigated various key roles, including Application Development, Technology Infrastructure Management, Technology Risk Management, Governance, and Production Management. Rosa's remarkable achievements have earned her recognition as one of the Top 10 Female Engineers in the United States by Business Insider. She is also celebrated as one of the top 50 Latinas in Corporate America, acknowledged by ALPFA and Fortune, and honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in Technology by HITEC.

    Sonia Sroka 

    Head of Global Multicultural and Accessibility Communications, Official Company Spokesperson at Meta


    Sonia Sroka is a seasoned communications executive with a remarkable two-decade career marked by her role in spearheading strategic engagement for some of the world's largest technology companies, renowned public relations agencies, and prominent consumer brands. She possesses fluency in both English and Spanish and is proficient in Portuguese.

    Sonia is celebrated for her creative and innovative problem-solving abilities, along with her profound expertise in constructing and leading high-performance teams, offering media coaching, and serving as a mentor. She holds a well-respected position in the industry and is often sought after as a public speaker and spokesperson, excelling in both traditional and digital media. Notably, Sonia is a vocal advocate for the significance of diversity and inclusion in the ever-evolving global marketplace of ideas.

    Stephanie Saliba

    Global Head of Data Analytics at Bloomberg


    Stephanie Saliba, an exceptionally motivated Global Manager in data analytics and a committed leader in Diversity and Inclusion, brings with her a solid history of accomplishments in the financial services industry. Her skill set encompasses SQL, Data Analysis, Bloomberg, Business Analysis, and Financial Analysis. Stephanie is particularly adept at people management and serves as a prominent diversity and inclusion advocate. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a specialization in Business Administration and Management, earned from Centenary University.

    Tania Missad

    Global Head of Corporate Research, Data & InsightsGlobal Head of Corporate Research, Data & Insights at Warner Bros. Discovery 


    With over 25 years of experience, Tania Missad has excelled in harnessing consumer insights to shape brand strategy, foster innovation, create award-winning content, and strengthen brand equity. Her impressive track record includes collaborations with renowned brands and Fortune 100 Companies like Warner Bros, P&G, and HBOMax Kids. Leading a substantial research team, Tania specializes in crafting consumer-centric strategies and insights across various industries, covering everything from trend analysis and early ideation to new product development, content creation, and advertising research. Her expertise spans youth consumers, CPG, beauty, entertainment, and multicultural research. Currently, she focuses on the entertainment landscape, delving into SVOD audience insights, content development, platform performance analysis, and entertainment brand strategy, all fueled by her unwavering passion for teamwork and high-performance development.

    Thamara Ramirez-Walker

    Global Vice President Sustainability ESG Marketing - Strategic Lead at SAP


    Thamara Ramírez-Walker, a Global Vice President for Sustainability ESG Marketing - Strategic Lead at SAP, is a distinguished leader with a track record of excellence. She has earned accolades such as the Emerging Leaders in Tech Award in 2021 and The Responsible 100 Award in 2020, along with the SAP Marketing Excellence Award for her role in championing diversity and inclusion. Thamara's commitment to professional development led her to complete the Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA program at Northwestern University in 2021. Recognized as one of SAP's top nominees for the MLT CAP 2020 award, she stands out as an underrepresented minority with exceptional leadership talent. Thamara is a strategic operations leader known for her hands-on approach to driving Purpose & Sustainability initiatives through operational excellence and data-driven insights, consistently delivering remarkable results and advocating passionately for diversity and inclusion.

    Veronica Millan Caceres

    Global CIO at MullenLowe Group


    Veronica Millan is a highly effective global Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a diverse career spanning advertising, financial services, startups, and extensive experience in managing international and dispersed teams. She's a dynamic leader and strategic partner, focused on modernizing technology, enhancing operational processes, advancing data analytics, strengthening cybersecurity, and ensuring governance. Veronica excels in guiding organizations through digital transformation projects, including mergers, acquisitions, and technology strategy overhauls. She is also a prolific writer on emerging technologies and their industry impact, regularly contributing as a columnist for LLBOnline. Veronica's exceptional leadership in technology innovation has garnered her multiple award nominations and wins. Prior to her role at MullenLowe Group, she held positions in financial services, publishing, and tech startups, collaborating with prominent brands like Visa Inc., Carrier Corporation, and Ziff-Davis Publishing, among others.

    Wendy Gonzalez

    CEO at Sama


    Wendy Gonzalez is a dedicated executive with a fervor for assembling top-tier, highly efficient teams that drive the development and expansion of groundbreaking and influential technology. With over two decades of leadership in both management and technology, her career encompasses esteemed companies such as EY, Capgemini, Cycle30 (later acquired by Arrow Electronics), and General Communications Inc. Wendy also plays an active role as a Board Member of the Leila Janah Foundation, where she contributes her expertise and passion for meaningful impact.

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