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Mira Murati is quickly becoming of one the foremost figures in Artificial Intelligence (AI). As Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, a leading research institute for AI development, she drove the creation of ChatGPT - an incredibly influential language model that has completely changed our interactions with machines.

Here are 7 Facts about Mira Murati: an innovative, trendsetting woman in tech.

1. Origin

Murati's name recently gained the spotlight when Indian media outlets declared her origin as Indian. Yet, Murati is actually of Albanian descent and was born to high school teachers from Vlore before being raised in San Francisco.

2. Education

She pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

3. AI Passion

As Murati joined Tesla in 2013, her curiosity for AI was sparked by the early releases of Autopilot and the construction of robots using AI technology. From there, she began to contemplate other potential uses of AI in our world today.

4. Public Testing Advocate

Mira Murati is excited to share products with the world, testing them out on eager users. “You could make technological progress in a vacuum without real-world contacts,” comments Murati. “But then the question is, Are you actually moving in the right direction?” According to her, limiting the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) within "laboratory walls" can unleash an even more extreme societal shock when it eventually gets released.

5. Supporter of AI Regulation

The rapid adoption of and discussion about artificial intelligence has stoked fears about the technology’s capabilities. Pot stirrers might point to doomsday Skynet-like examples, but more rational and realistic concerns include the ability of bad actors to harness generative AI to spread misinformation or agendas that are harmful to certain groups of people. Murati doesn’t address specific use cases, but she has been outspoken about that the industry needs regulation. “We have philosophers and ethicists at OpenAI, but I really think there are big societal questions that shouldn’t be in the hands of technologists alone,” she told The Daily Show last year.

6. High hopes for Less Hype around ChatGPT-4

In a mere two months after launch, ChatGPT achieved an incredible feat; reaching 100 million active monthly users. This makes it the fastest-growing consumer application in history - far outpacing TikTok's nine-month record and Instagram's 2.5-year mark! Analytics firm Similarweb reported on this impressive accomplishment. With GPT-4, OpenAI's larger language model launched on March 14th, Murati is aware that this technology will be subject to even greater scrutiny. When posed with these concerns about its launch, she commented “I think less hype would be good.”

7. Favorite Song & Book

During a recent interview, Mira Murati revealed that the song she felt most connected to was Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android', and her favorite book and movie were 'Duino Elegies' and Stanley Kubrick's iconic classic '2001: A Space Odyssey.

In conclusion, Mira Murati is a pioneering figure leading the charge for AI development at OpenAI. She has been vocal in advocating for regulation and public testing of AI technology to ensure responsible usage. Her drive and dedication have already led to incredible successes - most notably with ChatGPT being the fastest-growing consumer application ever. Murati's passion for AI combined with her open-mindedness has solidified her as one of the most influential women in tech today. 

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