IT Graduate of the Year 2020, Sabiha Shaik, WomenTech Network


    Sabiha is a recent CS graduate from BITS Pilani. She has strong technical skills and good foundations on core computer science concepts. Her interests lie in Android App Development, tech for social good, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning as of recently.

    In her undergraduate studies, she has participated in various competitions such as hackathons, entrepreneurship boot camps, lead on-campus technology clubs, and have also represented UAE internationally on multiple occasions. Being an active Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador for over a year, she has lead 20+ online and in-person events to impart technical knowledge to students.

    Now, you can meet and learn more about Sabiha with our winners' features:

    1. Congratulations on winning a WomenTech Network award! How did it feel when you found out you had won one?

    I'm extremely grateful and thrilled to be recognized especially as a new graduate of class of 2020 when everything felt uncertain. The award served as a testament that the work I've been doing during my undergraduate years to empower others and upskill myself were on the right track.

    2. What does it mean to you to be part of the WomenTech Network and tell us a bit more about your journey to the award, how you got here and what contribution have you made that is most meaningful to you?

    I'm eternally grateful for this vast network of women who continue to achieve and strive to better the communities they interact with. I look forward to being more involved in this community.

    When I started my tech journey, I did not have many people I could turn to for advice or tell me what I could experiment with within the tech field. A lot of my journey was trying different things, failing, and finally succeeding. From getting nominated to being shortlisted to eventually winning the award was not in my wildest dreams. I was grateful to be among the finalists, but I never thought that I would make it to be the Gold Winner in the category.

    My most meaningful contribution was speaking at Microsoft Build on MakeCode Arcade to over 100 students worldwide on how they can get started learning to code while making games. This opportunity allowed me to reach many more students than I did during my regular workshops and was an eye-opening experience.

    3. What does this recognition and being among the WomenTech Global Awards 2020 winners mean to you, your career and your community?

    For me, it acts as a confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction. The event has opened up so many connections with other women who excel in various fields that I plan to use. For my career, I believe having this recognition would enable me to strive further and reach bigger goals.

    4. What are your plans, projects, goals for 2021? 

    One theme that I have always followed was building for social good, I plan to work towards building for issues in my community, while upskilling myself in certain areas that I have mapped out in 2021. I've been very interested in the digital privacy and digital accessibility space and plan to work on projects under this theme. 

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