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We're Binance Charity, the first-ever blockchain-enabled transparent donation platform.

We drive transformative crypto giving, repurpose emerging tech as tools for philanthropy and invest in innovation, research and development of blockchain for good.

Our greatest impact is empowering vulnerable people with financial independence through the adoption of cryptocurrency.

We revolutionize global giving by making it more transparent and addressing complex issues across the social sector such as corruption, lack of trust in nonprofits, high global transfer fees, inefficient processes and lack of accountability in donor spending.

We envision a world where blockchain technology is a key tool used by businesses, nonprofits, individuals and governments for philanthropy and to drive social change; ending all forms of inequality, achieving financial inclusion and advancing sustainable development.

What makes your company unique?

Since our inception in 2018, we've achieved:

  • Raised 77,904,170 USD
  • Helped 1,869,937 people
  • Supported 27 projects across 42 countries


Culture at Binance Charity

At Binance, working from home has always been an essential part of work culture, with 4,000+ team members in 50+ countries and regions. A decentralized approach to our company structure has always meant that Binance team members are able to work flexibly – flexible hours, flexible locations, with colleagues all over the world and across several different time zones – while still being productive and achieving results. Besides, we believe that the future of work and employment will be on-the-move, especially for industries that are entirely based on the Internet.

“Office and HQ are old concepts like SMS and MMS. Time is moving on.” - CZ, CEO of Binance


Can blockchain technology advance human rights? Provide access to food and humanitarian aid? Help combat global change? Address issues of identity and human trafficking? The answer is: YES!

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Binance Charity

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