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GitGuardian is a global cybersecurity startup focusing on code security solutions for the DevOps generation. A leader in the market of secrets detection and remediation, its solutions are already used by hundred thousands developers in all industries. GitGuardian helps developers, cloud operation, security and compliance professionals secure software development, define and enforce policies consistently and globally across all their systems. GitGuardian solutions monitor public and private repositories in real-time, detect secrets, sensitive files, IaC misconfigurations and alert to allow investigation and quick remediation.

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GitGuardian is the code security platform for the DevOps generation. With automated secrets detection and remediation, our platform enables Dev, Sec, and Ops to advance together toward the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

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We are a young and passionate crew breaking the status quo.

We thrive through autonomy, humility, and team spirit.

We love wearing our Guardians’ cape, and helping each other achieve high ambitions with our business-oriented mindset!



Meet GitGuardian. Learn more about what is GitGuardian, what solution we offer for automated secrets detection & remediation. Learn more why you should monitor public and private source code to detect API keys, database credentials, certificates and more!

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