Wing is reshaping the future of delivery. We are an on-demand drone delivery service that can deliver food, medicine or other items within minutes. We’ve also developed an unmanned traffic management platform to safely route drones through the sky. Our service is faster, safer and produces far less pollution than traditional delivery. Originally created in 2012 within X, the Moonshot Factory, Wing is now an Alphabet company.

What makes your company unique?

We've since grown to a 300-strong, close-knit team of Aviators, Pilots, Engineers, PMs, UXers and more, working across hardware, software, technical infrastructure and flight operations.

In 2021 Wing completed 100k deliveries across three continents and opened the first drone delivery operation in a major U.S. Metro, Dallas

2022 is set to be even bigger, as we work with new partners to scale fast, safe and environmentally conscious delivery to millions. 


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