Everything Starts with A Seed: Empowering Women to Drive Global Change

Maria Militsopoulou
Founder & CEO/CVO
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Empowering Women to Drive Global Change: Insights from an Inspirational Conference

In this article, we dive into an amazing conference that recently took place in Europe, Cyprus, focusing on empowering women to drive global change. This event was filled with valuable insights collected from various seminars, workshops, speeches, and motivational technology showcases. Gratitude is due to Women Tech and Anna for the tremendous organization.

Maria – An Inspirational Leader and Advocate for Global Change

The conference was graced by an inspiring individual, Maria. An entrepreneur running her own tech company, she loves innovation and has a strong business network. Throughout the conference, Maria aimed to share her knowledge and experiences, empowering others to break their ceilings and make their dreams come true.

Driving Global Change

The topic of driving global change was approached from various facets. Celebrating diversity, the conference brought together different individuals, each bringing a unique perspective on life and motivation. At the heart of it, however, is the understanding that change begins with 'a seed'.

Understanding the Seed of Change

A seed can take on many meanings. It could be interpreted literally as a seed that provides nutrition, highlighting the importance of satisfying basic needs. Alternatively, a seed could symbolize the birth of a new idea, capable of inciting global change. A seed could also represent a spoken word, which has the power to change lives. Finally, the spiritual interpretation views the seed as a journey towards a higher purpose or transcendence.

Driving Change: The Transcendence Journey

The journey to bringing about change, and subsequently, global transformation, begins within. Maria emphasized one's need to transform first, a concept analogous to the airplane safety rule where one must first secure their oxygen mask before helping others.

Understanding Personal Change

Changing oneself is no easy task, especially in our fast-paced world. Drawing insights from history, Maria pointed out that humankind has always faced difficult periods and has developed the ability to survive and overcome various obstacles. The key lies in investing in knowledge.

Transcendence and the Hierarchy of Needs

One useful model for understanding human motivation and the path to transcendence is Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This model gradually moves from basic physiological needs to the need for esteem and finally to self-actualization and transcendence. It's this highest level - transcendence - that Maria believes can be a catalyst for global change.

How to Initiate Personal Change

To bring about personal change, and subsequently contribute to global change, we need to:

  1. Adopt a growth mindset
  2. Practice gratitude and self-compassion
  3. Understand our real needs and take care of them
  4. Invest in long-lasting happiness protocols for personal empowerment
  5. Discover our higher purpose

In joining forces with those on a similar path, we can band together and initiate global change.

In conclusion, it is indeed possible for us to be part of a global transformation. Maria's insights, drawn from her experiences and fuelled by her passion, serve as a roadmap. Discover your true purpose, meet your needs, and propel yourself towards transcendence to make a genuine contribution to global change.

Video Transcription

Hello, this is Maria. I'm broadcasting from Europe Cyprus. And um I'm here today because uh I was honored to be invited to this amazing conference. Um And we have this amazing topic, empowering women to drive global chain after the three day conference that we had so many insights.

Uh We had so many seminars, workshops, speeches, uh motivational uh technology and everything. I think that at the end, we need a wrap up to keep all the key points of this amazing event. And I would like to thank thank personally and generally women tech uh and especially Anna for the great organizing of this event. So, um I am Maria and I'm here today. So who is Maria? Well, um I'm here today because um I've, I'm, I, I run my own um technology company. I have a great business uh network, a tech hub. Um I love innovation. I love innovation since the early age. So that gave me uh the motive to cut my dreams. And right now I have to say out of arrogance that I'm living my dream and it's my time to spread my seed of knowledge and experience to the others because that's my mission. Now, I really need others to break their ceilings and make their dreams happen. So, uh I'm except of founder and CEO CV O of you, dream consulting. I'm ambassadors of women leading the future, supporting women tech organization. And um for our topic today because we need to drive global uh change how to drive global change. Um We have so many different types and today it's an event that we celebrate diversity. Uh so many different people, um different minds, way of approaching life of understanding and to be motivated.

So, me and my team, we created a small video as an intro of uh the things we need to keep from this inspirational and motivational. Um Let's say webinar. OK. So uh I need like 23 times, sound information and uh motion and keep the best of it. So we'll have the video right now and then we'll catch up spreading a good seed can drive to a global change. After this video. II, I just wanted you to have the storytelling covering our main topic for today. Um So everything starts with a seed. What is a seed? A seed can have the literal meaning of a seed. I mean, a natural seed providing nutrition. We need nutrition to keep our bodies going. We never think how important is the role of a seed because uh one of the things that we need to be considered it that when uh we have uh some daily um needs covered. We forget that we need them in order to proceed. Furthermore, uh So that's what we need to understand here that we have a tendency to forget and we have to evaluate the little things in order to bring a global change in order to proceed with even more important things. So, um as it can be an idea, great ideas came out of nothing. We had the meeting, a company, someone was walking on the beach or anything and had a great idea that brought up global change.

So a seed can be um a word, spreading the word, a word that will might change someone's life or our, our own life. I mean me as a person. Um I mean, extroverted intuitive, I live for connecting things and I get my energy, my ideas and the way I perceive things from others. For me, it's essential to have a communication with others. So um a spiritual journey also, it's a spiritual journey uh leading to a higher purpose of transcendence. We, we will talk furthermore for transcendence because it's right after um the seed that I want you to keep from today's meeting is the seed of change that can bring the result of global change. So uh let's move to the other how to drive global chain. The chain starts from within. Uh We are the ones who need to be transformed first, the first rule while we are in an airplane in case of a turbulence. First, we apply ourselves, OK, masks and then assist our co travelers. Uh that has a higher meaning because um in order to help others or to try to make an impact that will affect others in a positive way, we must uh first take care of ourselves, our brains, our bodies, our mental health and everything that has to do with our growth, our personal growth.

Um OK, so we first bring change to our own lives and then we're ready to drag global change for others. What it means to drive a personal change. These days, we experience many difficult times um in the shorter periods of time than before. I mean, things are running faster right now and one thing comes after another and there were times that we all felt so about the things that happened in the most rapid way, but we must remind ourselves once again that history repeats itself. So where we are now dare to know Kor repeats itself. Uh We have the en the Enlightenment Age, the humankind is facing difficult and dark errors from day one and humans are programmed by nature to survive and to overcome any obstacles along the way, the guidelines for this where and still are the same. Nothing has changed. And we need to keep reminding this to ourselves in order to move and be ready for the next stage. Uh in front of us, we have the front piece of the first encyclopedia, which is an allegorical composition in which female figures representing reason and philosophy unveil the figure of truth positions in the upper center of the composition by Dennis Dieterle on the e 18th century.

Um I want to mention that on the 18th century, mankind faced exactly the same darker as we did over the last three years through COVID. And then a group of people among them, Dennis Dieter philosopher who published the first encyclopedia motivated people to find the truth through knowledge.

This brought the enlightenment era. And from that day, evolution started which led us to today where we're talking about the A I. The general idea is instead of being consumed by fear to invest in knowledge that will guide us to transcendence knowledge, we're going to the hierarchy of needs. Another important figure of history. Uh Abraham Maslow, um we will examine this. Uh many of you might already know about the hierarchy of needs. Uh Why we, why we need transcendence to move on? Um One of the most legendary theories of human needs presented by Abraham Maslow in 1943 an American psychologist who developed an a hierarchy of needs to explain human motivation. Uh What we see here is a guideline on how to identify and reach our ultimate purpose that will lead to transcendence. Um Once the core needs at a given level are satisfied, the next level in the hierarchy will emerge more strongly and become a driver of behaviors and thoughts. Uh Maslow's theory highlighted the idea that a fulfilled need is no longer an active motivator.

Therefore, once a person um has satisfied the requirement, they will seek to meet a higher need. I begin biological and physio and physiological needs. The basic air food, drink, salter, not everyone uh has reached the first scale. It's important to, to, to, to speak out loud about these things because we think that uh are the same for everyone. But it's not, there are people that cannot climb at the last level of that hierarchy. So what we need to do is to simplify things when we fully understand why we need uh to have all these elements in order to grow. And um we are pleased with the simple things. It's much more easier for us to adapt the growth mindset and grow and make our dreams happen. Um It's one of my main topics when I'm talking with people um daily to simplify what it's uh what, what's the best need, what, what I need right now. Uh What pleases me, why I need uh these things to have to happen. So we have the biological, we have safety needs. Of course protection, security order law limits, we need limits like he um stability. Of course, a word that right now after the COVID, uh uh we cannot have stability, but there are ways to find and reach our personal peaks no matter what is going, uh what is happening around us.

So esteem needs achievements, of course, status, responsibility, reputation, to build up a reputation, to do things that will bring our inner satisfaction. And then of course, cognitive needs knowledge, knowledge, meaning self-awareness. Um knowledge is a need. It's my, one of my daily needs.

Um I need to find out more. I always wanted to find how things work, how people work. I'm a people person. I wanted to see how things work because I wanted to bring change right now. It's the time for everyone to join and bring that change. Um aesthetic needs, beauty balance form around us. We need that from our eyes, our eyes, our gates for our, our inner uh circle, for our inner strength. Um self actualization, it's higher, higher level on this ladder, personal growth and self fulfillment. Sometimes it's much more uh simpler than we think because we are talking about personal growth and we did that I have, I must have millions or um I must have uh um extraordinary things to cover that need. No, it's much more simpler. And then transcendence. We talked about transcendence and now it's time to find out what is transcendence, helping others to self actualize. Um From my experience, there is nothing more to give me such pleasure and accomplishment and I will be each and every time so surprised of how wonderful it is to, to, to, to serve others to learn from others and to help others to reach their goals or to fully understand and acknowledge their path and their missions in this lifetime.

So this is transcendence. Um How to bring personal chains as humans. We all have everyday strugglings, strengths, weaknesses. Uh And in order to transform ourselves into navigators in this life and having the ability to overcome any difficulty, experience, uh any difficult experience that comes on our way along our life journey. We need to follow the abovementioned path. Uh We have the general titles here because each and everyone needs to be a knowledge, more philosophy and um guidelines that need to be in. But we don't have the time to do so. So I'm giving the headlines for you to have a road map and uh to try to find out yourself and reach your peaks. So we have adapting a growth mindset, a growth mindset. Um and a short explanation, we'll have difficulties, we'll face difficulties, obstacles. Uh We, we will fall down. I personally um touched the ground three times in my life and then I started from scratch. And again, I reached the level I always wanted. Uh so we need these experiences, our brain due to neuroscience, but don't have time to explain more about neuroscience, which is my second lab.

Um It's to, to fully understand that we need to make mistakes, that it's ok for us to cry or to be emotional in front of other people because we are all humans and we all have weaknesses. But we also have guidelines that will give us uh the tools and the ways to, to prevent uh to do the same mistake again and again, because everything that happens, it's not because I'm like you or unlucky. It's because I need to find the lesson. So gratitude and self compassion. As Navigators in everyday life, we need to be grateful about all the things we have no matter how simple or how small or how daily are the things that we have. Uh We have them others don't. So when we have this gratitude on everyday life, then we attract more and we have this positive um outcomes that will change our life. So performing global change, yes, we all want to be part of a global change and yes, together we can make it happen. Step one, I begin to understand and take care of my real needs. Step two, I invest in long lasting happiness protocols for my personal empowerment. Step three, I discover my higher purpose. And then I jo I joined forces with my peers, with the people around me that um have the same way of thinking uh under the same vision and this will bring forth global change.

Once we invest in our own transformation, glob has already started discover your true purpose and make your dreams happen in our world that is constantly changing. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for Today.