Flames of Inspiration: Startup Building, Pitching & Personal Branding With Alina Kornienko, Quppy

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Learn from the experience of Alina Kornienko, COO and Co-Founder of Quppy, a digital…

21 Accelerators, Incubators, Programs and More for Female Founders

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In the US, only about 9 percent of venture-backed entrepreneurs are women. Less than 3 percent of the $130B+ given every year out of VC funding goes to female founders…

Flames of Inspiration: Fireside Chat With Alana Karen From Google

Posted on Oct 1, 2020 WomenTech Editor

A twenty-year tech company veteran and leader, Alana Karen brilliantly and systematically replaces what we think we know about women in tech both in her book, "Adventures of Women in Tech," and…

6 Books To Read by WomenTech Network Speakers

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We wanted to uplift your Fall reading nights with inspiring and enticing books that WomenTech Network speakers have written. 

Flames of Inspiration: Fireside Chat with Rachana Kumar, VP of Engineering at Etsy

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Flames of Inspiration: Fireside Chat with Melonie de Guzman

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Flames of Inspiration: Fireside Chat with Siri Chilazi, Diversity Research Fellow at Harvard

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Siri Chilazi’s work is devoted to advancing gender equality in the workplace through research and research…

Flames of Inspiration: Fireside Chat with Nima Abu Wardeh, Founder of S.H.E.Strategy

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Nima Abu Wardeh is an award-winning broadcast journalist, former BBC World presenter, and columnist. She spent over a decade writing about…