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AspenTech is the global leader in industrial software, helping companies in critical industries like energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals run safer, greener, longer and faster, and ultimately, building a healthier world for future generations. We are digitally transforming business to meet the rising demand for resources from a growing population with an increased standard of living, while delivering on the expectations of a more sustainable planet.

What makes your company unique?

Now, more than ever, companies demand new levels of efficiency to help manage their own business transitions. AspenTech is meeting these challenges head-on with unmatched expertise, cutting-edge AI-powered technology and a passion to innovate. We're making a difference every day and pushing the limits of performance to do things no one else thought was possible.

AspenTech is a company with over 40 years of history, but with the passion and sense of a start-up. We promote a diverse and inclusive culture with a focus on leadership and mentorship, and actively encourage community involvement with employee volunteer days focused on activities ranging from community care work, environmental work, conservation projects and fundraising for community projects or charities.

Learn more about us at  and follow us on Twitter (@AspenTech), Instagram (@weareaspentech), Facebook (@AspenTech) and LinkedIn.


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