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Our mission is to build trust and desire for renewed devices.

Spurred into action by the megatons of e-waste we produce each year thanks to our collective obsession with new tech, Back Market is challenging people to rethink their tech consumption.  

Founded in 2014 in France, Back Market is the world's first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to second-hand devices.  We provide a platform that allows the consumer to enjoy a shopping experience with the associated advantages one has when buying new, but at a cheaper price. It also enables the merchants to market their product in the fastest and most efficient manner. By bringing range, transparency and quality standards to the industry

And our team continues to grow.. We have over 500 people in New York, Prague, Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin, Barcelona and remote.   We have a Culture Team ensuring "work" is a fun place to be, and a D&I team ensuring everyone feels included and heard.


What makes your company unique?

Hear it direct from our own women in tech:

“I feel Back Market knows how to gather smart, driven, passionate and kind people who have a one true goal: making the world a better place 🌎🌿.”

“I love the community in my job and the pace : i have the time to do something right”

Working towards a common goal with a real impact on the environment, the high potential for growth, receiving responsibility at an early point in my career”

“I love that Back Makers come from such diverse backgrounds as it not only helps to approach work with different mind-sets and thus create innovative solutions but because it helps us grow as individuals as well. Back Market is a relaxed environment where we are still able to differentiate between personal and professional and where we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to achieve outstanding results”.

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