Our vision is a diverse, free and open education for everyone. Everybody should be able to fufill their potential in the educational system – regardless of financial possibilities or social background.

Therefore we build serlo.org – an open learning platform with a wiki approach. On serlo.org anybody can create and edit learning materials. Similar to open source code those then can be used, shared and modified by everybody. Currently we reach over 1 million users per month.

What makes your company unique?

Meaningful work! We think big and want to advance digital education systemically. Together with us, you work on helping students to have a positive outlook on their education, reach their career goals and fulfill their potential in society.

New Work! We don't mean playing table football in the office but the willingness to think work differently: you have a say on all levels, set your own working schedule, you can work remotely, and get a permanent contract. You decide when and how long to take time off work. This autonomous way of working has proven effective and valuable for our team. 

Mindfulness!  We work with an entrepreneurial mindset and ambitious goals, yet deeply care about and foster an environment that supports healthy, sustainable and mindful work.

We celebrate diversity! In our diverse and welcoming team, people from all ages and backgrounds work together.

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