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Headquartered in Seattle, Washington with offices around the world, Tideworks Technology specializes in operational and administrative software, data communications, and technical services for marine and intermodal terminal operators worldwide. Tideworks offers great career opportunities for dedicated and motivated professionals in a fast-growing dynamic company. We pledge to foster innovation and provide a professional, progressive work environment for our employees.

Founded in the 1990s, we began as a software team for Carrix, Inc. with the vision of revolutionizing the terminal and supply chain through innovative software and the need for tools that provide real-time insights into the supply chain. Since then, Carrix has grown into a diverse global network of multi-modal transportation operations. And Tideworks has evolved into a global technology brand and software provider that delivers tools to help stakeholders conduct data-driven analysis so they can thrive in today’s logistics market.

What makes your company unique?

With our industry's unique, ever-changing backdrop, employees can hone their professional skillsets and gain an invaluable global perspective. And that’s why at Tideworks, you’ll find that challenges excite us, learning is a way of life, and helping others is a passion. We strive for continuous improvement as we evolve and collaborate on new concepts, embrace different perspectives, and explore untried strategies. Our company understands that to remain a nimble leader in our space, our employees need the authority and support to take risks. We are not perfect, but we are committed to growth and providing equal opportunities for all to make an impact.

Tideworks is at the forefront of driving the digital transformation of shipping. More than 120 facilities worldwide use our solutions to load vessels, track containers, strengthen visibility across terminal operations. Our software powers the movement of cargo, allowing terminal operators to transport their goods more efficiently and with fewer resources. Our team is behind every deliberate motion, developing software and guiding customers to help transportation stakeholders reduce their carbon footprint and contribute toward making shipping practices more sustainable. At Tideworks, you’ll have an impact on the evolution of the global supply chain. 


Culture at Tideworks Technology

Tideworks is committed to making our employees feel welcome and respected. Our team is unique and our approach successful because we have fostered an environment that values varying backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences and takes pride in how the collective delivers value to our customers and partners. A truly diverse workforce is the outcome of treating people right. Each team member is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enhancing our work culture through collaboration and empathy – as culture doesn’t happen without conscious effort. At Tideworks, we expect all employees to treat one another with respect and kindness, no exceptions or excuses.

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Tideworks Technology

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