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WomenTech Network​ is a ​community that promotes ​gender diversity in tech and connects talented and skilled professionals with top companies and leading startups that value diversity, inclusion and strive to create a culture of belonging.

Why Become a Sponsor

Elevate Your Brand in the Tech Community

Sponsorship places your brand at the forefront of diversity and innovation, showcasing your commitment to an inclusive tech ecosystem. Engage with a global audience of tech professionals, leaders, and innovators, enhancing your reputation as an employer of choice.

Attract and Retain Diverse Top Talent

Access a rich pool of talented individuals driving change in tech. WomenTech Network’s global reach offers unparalleled opportunities to meet, recruit, and engage with skilled professionals and emerging leaders passionate about technology and diversity.

Network with Industry Leaders

Position your company alongside top-tier professionals and decision-makers. Our conference is a prime venue for forming strategic relationships, sharing insights, and discovering collaborative opportunities with leaders committed to fostering diversity and innovation.

Demonstrate DEIB Leadership

Publicly affirm your organization's dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Participating as a sponsor sends a powerful message about your values and efforts to create a more equitable tech industry, resonating with consumers, professionals, and potential hires alike.

What people say about us​​​​​​​

If you are a woman in tech or anyone who understands the value of tapping into this talent, join, follow, support, and amplify WomenTech Network.

Mariah Lichtenstern, Founding Partner at DiverseCity Ventures

Grace Pérez, VP, Chief Digital Program Officer at GE HealthCare

This event was epic. Immense gratitude to WomenTech Network with GE HealthCare as the headline sponsor for the Women in Tech Global Conference and the Chief in Tech Executive Dinner with the more than 20 executives in tech who made time to experience, share and network. We left inspired with an expanded network of amazing executive women.

Grace Pérez, VP, Chief Digital Program Officer at GE HealthCare

The most incredible evening with the most inspiring women!

Jessica Lavas, PMO Manager at Shake Shack

Andrea Arceneaux, CTO at AuditMate

Inspired by the Chief in Tech dinner by Executive Women in Tech (EWIT) last night! It was incredible to be surrounded by such an amazing group of leaders.

Andrea Arceneaux, CTO at AuditMate

When I was asked to speak at this event, besides being humbled, I was a little scared. I’ve never spoken about navigating through difficult times in a way that I could share with others. I guess I always just got through it. This speech really helped me reflect and articulate what worked for me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to speak about something so different than what I normally share.

Darlene Miranda, VP, Product Management, UX Design and Research at DailyPay, Inc

I would advise anyone, regardless of their gender, to attend the conference to learn about advancements in the tech industry and take advantage of the opportunity to engage in dialogue about what is top-of-mind for leaders from various companies while building their networks because there is strength in the community.

Dr. Diana Allen, Senior Technology Program Manager at Google

I highly recommend joining WomenTech Network, a community that welcomes not only women but also allies. No matter what stage you are at in your journey towards learning, inclusion, or leadership, this network is the perfect place to be. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is crucial to learn how to navigate and lead through every change. WomenTech Network provides valuable resources and a supportive community to help you stay ahead of the curve. Join us today!

Suba Vaseduvan, Vice President at Meta