Moonfare is on a mission to reinvent the alternative asset market and provide unprecedented access for individuals to invest in top-tier private equity funds at lower minimums and fees than previously possible through our state-of-the-art, secure and easy platform.

What makes your company unique?

Team: We have a truly diverse and dedicated team with big ambitions - We are from 30+ different countries who believe that challenging goals cannot be achieved without a team who can guide, improve and inspire each other

Transparency: At Moonfare communication is constant. We are open about communicating challenges as well as success with all our team members. We start each week with a global stand up to share weekly updates on the state of the business, which we then follow with reports from each team to show deeper insights and progress. We also promote knowledge sharing amongst the teams through our weekly Friday breakfast teach-in sessions.

Growth: Each employee has an individual development fund for training and learning opportunities that help their growth and impact their careers. Employees have recurrent one-on-one meetings, coaching capabilities and a twice-yearly feedback process to follow up on their learning curve and boost their growth opportunities.

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