Vinted is the largest online C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion, with a growing community of 45+ million users spanning 13 markets. 

On a mission to make second-hand the first choice worldwide, Vinted helps members sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories from each other, making shopping a mobile and social experience through one-on-one member interactions in its community. 

The European start-up is headquartered in Vilnius, with offices in Berlin, Utrecht, and Prague, and has over 700 global talents.

What makes your company unique?

We code with impact

We’ve built a marketplace with 45+ million users across 13 countries that handles over 2+ million requests per minute. But there’s still quite a road ahead of us if we want to make second-hand the first choice worldwide.

Our Engineering people play a crucial role in this – they evolve our platform, build new features from concept to delivery and ship them to our users pretty much instantly, allowing everyone to feel their actual impact on our members' lives.

How our Engineering department is structured

We have 16 Product Engineering teams (the number’s growing) which belong to 1 of 5 domains: Growth, Trust, Liquidity, Payments and Shipping. The teams are cross-functional, consisting of a few Backend engineers, Web, iOS and Android engineers, QA, a Data scientist, a Product owner and a Designer.

The balance between individual ownership of your tasks and the level of collaboration within Vinted creates a unique climate in which one can turn personal ambitions into wins for the whole company.

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How your new life as a part of Vinted might look

A typical day in our engineer's life consists of coding new features, collaborating with other devs through GitHub pull requests and code reviews, writing unit tests, monitoring your code through Kibana, Grafana, DataDog and coming up with new, better ways to work impactfully.

Our tools of trade include CentOS 7, Chef, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Vitess and ElasticSearch among others (don’t worry, it’s something you’d learn if you joined us). Our engineers swear by Lean and Agile.

Technology at Vinted

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