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​​​​​​The virtual ceremony honored the most acomplished women in tech and allies featuring live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels and networking with one-on-one meetings.

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Here are the companies that recognize the power of diversity and won the
WomenTech Network Community Award:

Nikhita Venkatesh
Sarit Pinhas
Ayan Keynan
Abir Chermiti
Prerna Agarwal
Jyotsana Shukla
Kathryn Rose
Parvi Agarwal


We are looking forward to hearing their stories at the WomenTech Global Conference 2021 June 7-11

Selection: Public Voting & Engagement* (via Sharing Widget)
Requirements: Be an active community member / have participated at minimum one WomenTech Network event before. Recognized contributions: Decided by WomenTech Network’s long established audience.

The WomenTech Community Award recognizes annually up to five honorees decided by public voting and the WomenTech community. Nomination for the award requires an active community membership and participation at one previous WomenTech Network event. All nominated applications will be publicly visible. A digital award certificate is issued and a photograph of award winner will be on display on the WomenTech Network website to acknowledge that individuals’ success and to encourage other community members to strive to achieve this prestigious award.

Recognition of this award will be given in a special assembly during the WomenTech Global Awards.
This award not only aptly acknowledges community members at our network who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their community engagement, but motivates all community members to live by the network’s values to the highest standards. Those who achieve the award provide a clear model for other community members to follow, and through its explicit and clear standards for achieving impact, the Community Award enables all community members to gain a firm understanding of the opportunities at our network.​​​​​​

*The final score & winner will be determined by social shares, variety of social networks, social clicks,  unique user engagement with nominee profile.

​​​​​​​Award Finalists


One of the most contested awards is the WomenTech Network Community Award of the Year 2020!

💜 As this was a public voting award, the people have spoken, and these are the finalists: 

⭐ WomenTech Community Award (Global TOP 50): Public Community Engagement Score (Social Shares + Social Clicks + Profile Engagement)

 48418 Nikhita Venkatesh

 20033 Sarit Pinhas

18260 Jyotsana Shukla

15777 Ayan Keynan

12845 Harshita Bambure

9432 Sabiha Shaik

8542 Sailaja Vadlamudi

7888 Parvi Agrawal

7376 Athira M

7842 Shiti Rastogi Manghani

7039 Sujata Dutta

6660 Hajar Mousannif

6181 Anja Hula

5961 Enkeleda Lulaj

5907 Kajol Kumari

5684 Ana Butara

5523 Moutan Sarkar

5431 Prerna Agarwal

5369 HimaBindu Vejella

5052 Teresa Santana

5016 Supraja P

4801 Ilaria Parrella

4696 Ketaki Vaidya

4304 Andrea Remes

4181 Neha Shah

4059 Alinase Nyirenda

3943 Muskan Bhatia

3659 Kathryn Rose

3541 Philips International Women's Day

3447 Maryleen Ndubuaku

3413 Angie Madara

3255 Basuti Bolo

3217 Pinky Hajra

3155 Shwetha Shanmugam

3137 Glorious Vuyanzi

2999 Nadia Thu Huong Ho

2972 Hari Priya

2939 Paulina Cakalli

2696 Elodie Guillard

2610 Devi Bhattarai

2589 Satabdi Mishra

2362 Mamta Bakliwal

2187 Divya Hedge

2056 Platepay

1470 Freshta Sadat

1066 Parul Gupta

1034 Synopsys / Women in Leadership Program 

897 Yemisi Ajao

681 Jhanice Targa

673 Ekene Nnagha

⭐ WomenTech Community Award (Global TOP 5 Facebook)

Kathryn Rose

Ayan Keynan

Enkeleda Lulaj

Moutan Sarkar

Anja Hula

⭐ WomenTech Community Award (Global TOP 5 LinkedIn):

Parvi Agrawal 

Sailaja Vadlamudi  

Ilaria Parrella 

Sujata Dutta 

Ana Butara

⭐ WomenTech Community Award (Global TOP 5 Twitter):

Ayan Keynan 

Neha Shah 

Parvi Agrawal 

Andrea Remes 

Devi Bhattarai 

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