6th Annual

Women In Tech
Global Conference

May 20-22, 2025  | Virtual & In-person*

Unite 100 000 Women in Tech to Foster Innovation with Purpose and Impact

*WTGC2025 will feature 3 Virtual Summits and several In-Person Satellite Events for Maximum Engagement and Accessibility



The Largest Conference for Women in Tech 


​​​​​​The virtual-first conference will bring women in tech, minorities and allies from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live educational & training content, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, technical workshops, and networking with virtual and in-person sessions.




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The Women In Technology Online Conference

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Women in Tech Conference Tracks & Topics

May 20


Who is it for? What is it about?
The Chief in Tech Summit is open to women, minorities and allies looking for advancements and real-world experience as insight into their own leadership styles.

Participants will learn how to drive change forward as leaders, as well as opportunities to develop new strategies for advancing women throughout their careers. Open to all ticket holders.


Leaders have a significant influence on the culture of their organizations. They establish the agenda, prioritize tasks, manage, lead, and inspire. What influences and motivates them? How do they set the vision and provide purpose for the team? The discussions will focus on leadership, cultural fit, D&I, talent, equal pay, generation gap, workforce reintegration, employer branding, hiring and more.

What is the current state of female leadership in tech? How are women in tech leading the dialogue on social justice in their own companies? What strategies are companies using to increase diversity and drive retention? What are some of the biggest roadblocks women face when working in the industry? How can companies create a more inclusive work environment so that women can advance in their careers?

This track discusses the impact of technology on society & nature, how technology can be used for good, and how tech is changing the world for the better. Some of the topics we will focus on are climate change, renewable energy, global warming, education, mobility ethics and data governance and protection. We will also talk about UN sustainability goals, ethics in AI, cybersecurity and more.

It is a critical time in the Tech industry for C-Suite leaders. Tech companies are transforming rapidly, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the pace of change. How do senior executives navigate these shifting waters? How do they make important decisions, manage crises and maintain their job satisfaction during challenging times?

The demands of motherhood are challenging enough. But how do mothers navigate the C-Suite as they deal with the challenges of work and family? Women, who manage dual working-parenting roles often face additional obstacles and emotional strain as they pursue their ambitions, such as maintaining work-life balance and dealing with gender bias and discrimination in the workplace. Join us as we discuss how you can juggle your professional and personal lives while working in the C Suite. We will also talk about strategies for success, maintaining work-life balance, and overcoming obstacles.

It is the responsibility of company leaders to recognize how emerging technologies are transforming business practices and to lead their organization through this transition. Companies can no longer rely on old methods to keep up with the pace of innovation in technology and the rapid change in structures such as micros, flexible set-ups, remote workforces, hybrid & virtual teams, etc. This track discusses how to lead, manage, and develop digital transformation within your organization in order to innovate and drive awareness and adoption of your products while also creating more inclusive experiences.

Technology is constantly evolving, with emerging leaders and new companies that are creating impactful products. Tech founders play an integral part in the global economy, creating products that are changing our lives. Join the future champions to discuss the state of Tech entrepreneurship and how to overcome challenges.

Technology is a driving force in the world and despite making up more than half of the workforce, women and people from disadvantaged groups remain underrepresented in the technology industry. What are companies doing to improve diversity and drive retention? How can we build inclusive cultures that support equity for all employees? This track discusses how to advance women throughout their careers, ways people are leading the dialogue on social justice within their own companies, strategies that are being used to increase diversity & inclusion in tech, how #BlackLivesMatter is impacting hiring practices, workplace culture at organizations with strong female leadership, white privilege-systematic issues faced by women of color in tech due to lack of representation, and more.

Tech companies are still largely male-dominated, and there are many barriers that women must overcome in order to move beyond middle management as a result making it challenging for women to advance to the C-suite. Join us as we discuss what you should be doing during your career to prepare yourself for the C-Suite, what steps you can take to accelerate your career and how you can stand out as a leader. We will also talk about the skills that you need to have, pitfalls that derail careers and strategies for success.

What's next after the C-Suite? Tech leaders may be called upon to sit on boards, run for political office or promote social causes. Learn more about what C-Suite leaders are doing now and how their motivation has changed since they were at the helm of tech companies.

May 21


Who is it for? What is it about?
The Key Tech Summit invites tech leaders, engineers, product managers, and women, minorities, and allies working in technology-driven businesses to exchange experience on the latest tech trends, learn new skills, and network with peers. Discussions will feature leading technology experts and professionals from all over the world. Technology is constantly evolving, with leading companies, emerging startups, and tech leaders playing an integral part in the global economy, creating impactful products that are changing our lives.

A lot has changed with software engineering over the past few years; what was once monolithic now needs to be broken down into microservices, APIs, etc., as companies start building cloud-native applications instead of traditional on-premise models. How do we break up our codebases? What skillsets does a tech leader need in order to keep up with changes in tech?  How do we automate deployments, testing, and infrastructure?  What are some of the new tools available for developers? These are just some of the questions that will be answered. What are the best practices for software engineering, and where is it headed?

The biggest trend in tech is product-led thinking, where companies focus on constantly improving their user experience and creating better products as a means of driving revenue. How do you prioritize UX as an organization? What are some challenges that leaders might face when putting together a team to tackle product-driven projects? This track will focus on the most recent trends in product development, how companies are investing in design thinking and why being customer-centric design is so important. Inclusive products are becoming more important, with companies making an effort to create products that are accessible for all users. Women & underrepresented groups are leading the way in this area, examining ways to build inclusive products and design KPIs for diversity/inclusion.

Cloud computing is no longer a simple IT service. Enterprises are moving mission-critical applications to the cloud, and realizing massive cost savings in the process. But how does an organization build a comprehensive cloud strategy that balances business needs with technical requirements?  What are the considerations, potential obstacles, and new opportunities? How can open source software play into your business's cloud strategy? We'll also discuss how cloud computing is changing the way companies operate, as well as what skills makes an ideal cloud professional. ​​

It's important for tech leaders to think about ways to scale their products in order to meet the needs of growing customer bases. As you grow your company, how can you continue to provide an excellent customer experience? What are the steps you should take when scaling your organization? What kind of infrastructure do you need to scale, and what are the benefits of using a public cloud provider?  This track will feature in-depth talks and case studies from successful founders and CTOs on scaling tech.


Open-source technologies have become increasingly popular, with many companies relying on open-source software to power their infrastructures. We'll discuss the pros and cons of open source technologies, as well as best practices for developing your own open-source codebase. Open source communities have also become a great place for collaboration between companies. Learn from the experts on how to successfully grow and manage an open-source project, as well as why it's important to be involved in the community. 


As more of our lives move online, customer experience has become increasingly important. We expect more of the businesses we engage with, whether we're buying goods or looking for service. It's no longer enough to just offer static and dynamic information about your products and company; personalized experiences are now essential to successful businesses. We'll discuss how to improve customer experience and online conversions, as well as how AI and machine learning can be used in the pursuit of superior customer support.  We'll discuss building a customer-centric digital strategy that captures customers' attention and enhances their experience across all touchpoints, from the early stages of research through purchase and beyond.​​​​​​​

Digital is flourishing. To survive, almost every media & business moved online due to the transformational effect of Covid-19 as well as social attitudes, habits, lifestyle and how people work, interact and shop. Some of the topics will include discussions on digital transformation, fake news, social platforms, live streaming, augmented reality, neuromarketing, communication, the newest trends, and growth opportunities.


What are the newest trends and some of the most promising opportunities in e-commerce? How are businesses using chatbots to automate a variety of activities for both employees and customers? How is social media affecting consumer behavior? What role does customer experience play in website success, and how can companies ensure that their online presence is well received by customers? With so much data being generated by an increasing number of consumers, how can you turn this into actionable insights that will inform your business's strategy moving forward? ​​​​​​​

Voice recognition, self-driving cars, chatbots -- the world of AI, machine learning and automation is changing fast. Which technologies will establish themselves and become part of everyday life? What skill sets should we be building now in order to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow? How are data scientists using machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, and analytics to solve some of today's most challenging problems? We'll also discuss how AI is changing the world, as well as the impact these changes might have on our future.


What are the technology trends in the life science industry?  In what ways have advancements in technology helped reshape the industry? What are some of the biggest challenges that life science companies face, and how is technology being used to overcome them? 


We'll walk through some of the latest technologies and trends that are likely to be on the cutting edge in the near future, as well as discuss which emerging technologies are most likely to drive the next technological revolution. What are the most significant skills and tools you need to be aware of so that you can stay on top in today's competitive technology industry? We'll discuss the newest technologies that are disrupting industries, including virtual/augmented reality, drones, blockchain, robotics, IoT & AI.  We'll also explore how to integrate emerging technologies into products, as well as techniques for planning for the future.

For engineers working on hardware products, you’re likely using microcontrollers, 3D printing to create rapid prototypes, building complex injection molds or setting up automated assembly lines. As our world becomes more connected through IoT devices, there has been an increased need for hardware engineers. The track will provide an opportunity for engineers to learn how to transition into hardware, gain knowledge of the entire process of product development and sourcing components from overseas. Explore new technologies, intelligent machines, and breakthrough advancements in robotics through real-world examples, case studies, and demos. 

Technology is a driving force in the world and despite making up more than half of the workforce, women and people from disadvantaged groups remain underrepresented in the technology industry. What are companies doing to improve diversity and drive retention? How can we build inclusive cultures that support equity for all employees? This track discusses how to advance women throughout their careers, ways people are leading the dialogue on social justice within their own companies, strategies that are being used to increase diversity & inclusion in tech, how #BlackLivesMatter is impacting hiring practices, workplace culture at organizations with strong female leadership, white privilege-systematic issues faced by women of color in tech due to lack of representation, and more.

Project managers have seen a dramatic increase in their responsibilities. In today's tech landscape, project management has become a 24/7 job across different time zones and cultures, which can be quite demanding. We'll discuss what new skill sets are needed for project managers, as well as reflect on the most significant challenges that PMs face today. We'll also explore the best ways to leverage tech tools for project management, as well as how to get product development teams on board with new processes. We'll discuss also challenges associated with working from home or in virtual teams, and examine the best ways to manage remote teams.


Big Data and predictive analytics are the new reality for marketers. Marketing is becoming more streamlined, and we can now apply powerful data tools to almost every aspect of marketing. Discover how you can use big data and predictive analytics to make better decisions about your customer base, business strategies, and product design. We will also discuss adapting to the new era of digital marketing, market space competition, the future of social media and analytics and how they are shaping business decisions. 

The gaming industry has experienced significant growth since 2020; it's now more important than ever for game developers to think about how they create inclusive products. How have gaming culture and community evolved since the industry's inception? What trends should companies keep an eye on moving forward? Women are often underrepresented in this field, so what can companies and developers do to create more inclusive games? What problems do still exist and how can companies support diversity in game development?   

May 22

Who is it for? What is it about?
The Career Growth Summit is all about professional development and advancement. Some of the topics are work-life integration, family-work balance, mentorship, and sponsorship, "side hustle", burnout, career break & return to work, salary negotiation, leadership, relocation, transitioning back to the office, and more.

What can companies do to support women's career growth? Come to this summit to learn more about finding a mentor, cultivating a sponsor relationship, and navigating your way to your dream career.  Women today are increasingly interested in meaningful work over just a paycheck, so how can companies ensure that their employees' needs are being met?  Women, and mothers in particular, face many challenges when returning to work. How can companies create a culture welcoming of women and help them succeed? Women often feel isolated and unsupported in the workplace; what can we do to change that? 

How will we work, live and thrive in the post-pandemic future? This track is focusing on how work will develop and how COVID-19 will influence it. Some of the topics are remote work & home office, hybrid & flex-work arrangements, talent acquisition, hiring trends and retention, new jobs, job automation, freelance, teamwork, work automation, 0 waste offices, office design, work-life integration, millennials, diversity in the workforce, digital nomads, telepresence robots.

What do mentorship and sponsorship look like today? What impactful steps can be taken to empower women in technology? We will talk about modern ways of networking, developing and maintaining relationships, professionalism, and putting yourself out there. We will explore why you need mentors, sponsors, and allies and provide a space where women can network and support each other.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is as vital as cognitive ability (IQ) in terms of happiness and professional and personal success. We'll talk about how to improve your emotional intelligence and develop stronger relationships. The following are some of the themes that will be addressed: empathy, communication, feeling included, trust, creativity, negotiation, perseverance and other relevant topics. We will explore how to develop your emotional intelligence and people skills. 

This track is about personal branding and what you need to be successful in your career and life. Some of the topics are how to show your value beyond skills and experience, understanding your own story and creating a personal brand, digital footprint – what you should put out there and how can it help you get ahead at work, and more.  Women will learn how to build their brands to become impactful leaders. Women who are struggling with branding themselves professionally can benefit from this track.​​​​​​​

We will cover the different aspects of work from home life, what it takes, the necessary steps, best practices, and challenges. Some of the topics are workplace transformation, burnout, zoom fatigue, productivity, online meetings & collaboration via video calls, legal issues, time management, self-motivation, work-life balance, remote learning & training, and more. Women working from home will find this track extremely useful.

Social distancing, isolation, rapid shifts in lifestyle, unemployment, lock-downs, anxiety, loneliness, imposter syndrome, uncertainty, emotional stress and other factors can cause rigorous damage to our overall state of being. We will explore topics like burnout & stress management, coping techniques, anxiety & depression, cognitive distortions, self-care, and more.  Learn how to live a more balanced life and develop stronger mental health. 


WomenTech Global Conference seeks to uncover what prevents women from breaking into the field and share best practices on creating a great career path that allows them to thrive both personally and professionally. This track is also about inspiring other women - it's never too early or too late to start changing your life's course! WomenTech is calling for a shift in the way we think about women's empowerment and the WomenTech community is ready to lead this change.

Nowadays people can work everywhere - home office, coffee shops. Women from all over the world working in different fields and industries will share their stories of success and challenges they've experienced while working remotely. Women who want to become digital nomads themselves will find this track extremely helpful! WomenTech is calling for a shift in the way we think about women's empowerment and the WomenTech community is ready to lead this change.

May 20-22


Who is it for? What is it about?

The WomenTech Global Impact Summit unites communities from across the globe through concurrent in-person events that are connected virtually. 

This allows attendees to have a unique and intimate on-site experience and still have access virtually to the WomenTech Global Conference 2022 sessions and attendees.

The Women in Tech Global Impact Summit brings together people who are committed to creating positive social change and accelerating global impact. We'll discuss the new ways that healthcare, education, finance,  energy, mobility, space travel, government, and other areas are being disrupted by technological innovation; what opportunities will come about as a result of these changes? WomenTech Global Conference will provide an opportunity for thought leaders in technology to connect with one another and collaborate on challenges that will shape our future.

📢 Become a local host for a hybrid event as part of the Women in Tech Connect Summit between May 20-22 featuring in-person locations in the US, Canada, and Europe.


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We’ve got many reasons for you to join this
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  • Expand your network and connect with women, minorities, and their allies in engineering and science.
  • Explore global industry trends, tackle challenges and get inspired by fellow women in tech and experts. 
  • Meet with leading companies and fast-growing startups and identify career opportunities. 


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​​​​​​​Learn from tech leaders about tech topics and topics like the future of work, mental health and entrepreneurship.

​​​​​​​Join the conversation and engage in panel and roundtable discussions to tackle challenges of our times.

​​​​​​​Join online networking sessions and meet live with likeminded experts and professionals from around the world.



​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

The hybrid WomenTech Global Conference 2023 will give access to top names in the industry holding exciting ceremonies, inspiring keynotes, engaging panels, technical workshops, and face-to-face networking sessions to learn through actionable advice.  

The virtual event platform will offer plenty of networking opportunities. Additionally the partner expo will provide attendees with a great way to connect with companies that support the WomenTech Network. Sign up here and you will receive an invite closer to the event. In-person locations will allow participants to apply to join to meet locally. Each location will be following local safety guidelines.

​​​​​​​To sign up now please see our tickets. We offer also scholarship tickets (to be announced).

Get inspired at meet the most acomplished women in tech
Every successful person has a unique story of a bumpy road on the way to success. Our speakers are outstanding experts from the industry having a broad experience working in different tech and tech-related sectors. They will share their experience, advice, lessons learnt to help you on the way to growing professionally whether you are just starting in tech or your startup or aiming for a C-level seat at the table. 

Grow your network and meet the most innovative companies
Whether you have a small or big network, participating at a large-scale international conference like this will broaden your horizons and open up opportunities. Meet the most innovative and inclusive companies in the world and identify job opportunities. Make the most out of the possibility to connect online. Networking is a hard art to master but starting here will be a smart move.

Gain knowledge and actionable advice for tech leaders across the globe
We have carefully selected the most trending and pressing matters to talk about from the currently ongoing work (r)evolution and tech innovation to purpose, humanity and collaboration. We want to ensure that our content will be reflecting the needs of our global community. We want to help you find answers to questions, get through the hard times or discover career opportunities you never thought could be open for you. 

Even though we are working from home, it’s important to continue growing professionally by participating in various online summits, webinars and conferences. Yet it is equally important to inform your boss about your plans so you can fully dive into the event and enjoy the experience without being afraid to be “uncovered” or feeling guilty for not having communicated it with your manager. Here are some tips on how to convince your boss and receive “the green light” to use your working day as a day to learn from top industry experts, expand your network and upgrade your skills. 

Here are some tips to help convince your manager how investing in your professional development will benefit your organization, so you can receive “the green light” to use your working hours to learn from top industry experts, expand your network and upgrade your skills. 

Tip 1:
Emphasize that this is a virtual conference, so there is no cost associated with travel or accommodations. The ticket is the only expense, and we’ve intentionally kept the price low to make it affordable!

Tip 2:
Review the tracks and speakers, and create a schedule with a list of keynotes and sessions you'd like to attend. Tie them to responsibilities associated with your current position or ways you’d like to grow in your career.

Tip 3:
Define your top three reasons for attending and how it will contribute to your professional growth and benefit the company: 

Explain to your manager as clearly as possible why this conference is unique and why it is worth attending. Don’t forget to mention that the mission of the network is to unite 1 000 000 women in tech to learn from each other and make an impact together. 

You will want to add that you will position the company while networking with other international participants from all over the world. 
You can also mention that learning from world-leading speakers who are experts in the tech field will help you (and thus your company) save time (which equals money) to figure it out on your own. Check out which tracks are the most relevant to your company.

Tip 4:
Outline the above points in a conversation or email to your manager. See the template below for suggestions.

We hope you found these tips helpful. We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference! Stay safe! 


Dear [Manager’s Name],

On May 9-12 the WomenTech Global Conference 2023 will be hosted virtually and I would like to attend. Right now, I can get a great deal on tickets (www.womentech.net/tickets).

During the conference, I will have the opportunity to connect with women in technology across the world and learn from industry leaders and peers from the tech community. I will also have the chance to contribute to the conference and to make an impact on growing the WomenTech community.

The event will offer online sessions from companies and organizations like Amazon, Etsy, Meta, Google, Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, and Twitter, and cover engineering, product management, UX, and work-from-home related topics.

My participation will improve my skills, motivation, and performance. I'd be happy to share insights with the team, and discuss how we might implement key takeaways to position us as an employer of choice supporting diversity & inclusion.

Here is the event link: /women-tech-conference 

I’d appreciate it if the company would support my efforts to upgrade my skills by covering the cost of my ticket and allowing me to take the time to attend the conference.

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

There are no special requirements to participate. The access will be via web browser (Chrome, Mozilla or Safari) You need speakers or headphones to listen in and you might want to have a microphone and camera (both optional) if you want to participate in networking sessions and discussions.

Our team will be sending out invitations latest 3 weeks before the event.

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While everyone can join as a Global Ambassador, we will feature the most active supporters on our Global Ambassador page. Additionally we are introducing a leaderboard providing more active Ambassadors with special benefits. Some of these benefits are Private Chat Session with Speakers, Mentoring, Listing on Ambassadors Page, Thank You Post on Social Media, Free Founding Membership Access and more.​​​​​​​