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Supercharge Your Career: Why Your Boss Should Invest in Your WomenTech Network Professional Membership

Want to join the WomenTech Network as a Professional Member? Ask your employer today! 80% of our Professional Memberships are sponsored by employers. Don't miss out on this opportunity – reach out to your manager or HR department and get your membership covered!

Attaining the WomenTech Network Professional Membership presents a valuable opportunity for women in the tech industry to advance their career development. 

Impactful points to make to convince your manager

This membership offers a range of benefits that can significantly impact your career trajectory by providing you with:

Access to Exclusive Content: The Professional membership provides access to specialized content such as keynotes, videos, and training materials from leaders in the industry. This exposure enhances a leader's knowledge and strategic thinking.

Networking Opportunities: You will get access to exclusive networking events, such as the Women in Tech Global Conference and the Women in Tech Global Awards forums, dedicated online member-only events, and private community groups. Building connections with like-minded professionals and industry experts can open doors to mentorship and collaboration.

Skill Diversification: Tech leaders need a broad skill set. Our Professional membership offers the chance to explore diverse topics beyond one's core expertise, fostering a holistic understanding of the industry.

Professional Recognition: You will acquire badges, certificates, and credentials that demonstrate a commitment to the continuous improvement you are bringing to the tech domain. These accolades can enhance your professional credibility.

To maximize the benefits of this membership, secure the support of your organization by effectively communicating to your manager the advantages of investing in a Professional Membership at WomenTech Network. By highlighting the potential for individual growth and the alignment with company objectives, you can demonstrate the value it brings to both your personal and professional advancement.

Outline the above points in a conversation or email to your manager. See the template below for suggestions.

Template to Get Your Professional Membership Fee Covered:

Subject: Request for Joining WomenTech Network's Professional Membership

Dear [Manager's Name],

I'm reaching out to seek your endorsement for joining the WomenTech Network's Professional Membership. This platform is dedicated to empowering women in tech, offering specialized resources and networking opportunities that will directly benefit my role and our company's objectives.

The WomenTech Network Professional is not just another membership. It's a hub of innovation, learning, and collaboration. It gathers insights and strategies from tech giants like Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Atlassian, ensuring its members are always at the forefront of industry trends.

Quick highlights of the membership:

  • Global Collaboration: Connects tech professionals worldwide.

  • Exclusive Content: Direct insights from tech leaders from globally recognized organizations.

  • Mentorship: Priority access to mentors from diverse backgrounds.

  • Events & Conferences: Members-only events and unlimited access to the Women in Tech Global Conference.

  • Recognition: Opportunities for global awards and a supporter certificate.

  • Continuous Learning: Access to a vast video library with +1000 keynotes and training sessions.

  • Community: A safe and supportive environment for networking and collaboration.

  • Job Posting: Opportunity to share [Company Name]'s job openings with a vast community of professionals.

By joining, I aim to:

  • Acquire technical strategies and resources to enhance our projects.

  • Forge connections with peers in similar roles from top tech companies.

  • Engage with senior executives to refine my professional skills.

  • Share and implement best practices and insights with our team.

  • Promote [Company Name]'s job openings to a wider, qualified audience.

The annual membership cost is 289$

Group registration might offer some discounts. You can learn more about the WomenTech Network Professional Membership here https://shop.womentech.net/collections/memberships/products/annual-membership

Your support in this endeavor would be an investment in my professional growth, which I believe will directly benefit our team and [Company Name].

I'm eager to share my learnings, actionable insights, and potential candidates with our team.

Thank you for considering this request. I'm open to discussing this further if needed.

Best regards,

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